Old Harlow councillor Joel Charles pledges to work to solve Gilden Park problems

Church Langley and Newhall / Thu 15th Jun 2023 at 10:11am

A SENIOR councillor for Old Harlow has pledged to keep working towards helping Gilden Park residents get access to the services they need as well as develop a sense of community.

Councillor Joel Charles has been working with schools, councils, businesses and developers to try and help solve a number of problems and challenges for the residents.

Many residents say they bought a house that they felt was going to be a part of a community with a school, shop, community centre and sports facilities.

They do not have any of these and even the roads are being dug up after a very short space of time.

YH went up to Gilden Park and spoke to councillor Joel Charles.

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7 Comments for Old Harlow councillor Joel Charles pledges to work to solve Gilden Park problems:

2023-06-15 10:24:55

The developers always make these new builds sound so glamorous lol and that they willhave this and that in the area and here is a perfect example of their lies. I dont know what these homes are like but s lot of the new builds are built so quickly and end up having many problems and also they are buy far smaller than much older buildings.Greedy developers.

Nicholas Taylot
2023-06-15 12:46:17

Cllr Charles has clearly been of great help in trying to get things moving along. However none of Harlow's Councillors will be able to do the same thing if issues occur on the new housing estates which in due course will be built just over the towns border. Not sure that Councillors in Epping will put in such an effort if needed in the future.

Bruce Downey
2023-06-15 14:50:29

🙄Freudian Slip🙄

Saliou Barry
2023-06-15 18:36:05

Cllr Charles has been very helpful and very communicative with the residents on the progress of the complains escalated to him by the resident .He is a doer and we command with help . We hope lesson can be learned from these challenges and prevent them reoccurring

2023-06-15 20:32:41

Will we ever learn over the problems of lack of initial services on large new build projects? Is it the fault of our Planners where the delelopers 'cash in' on an opportunity?

2023-06-16 12:59:24

Maybe planning should only be allowed if these buildings ie the school shops sport centres etc were built 1st

Sharon Stock
2023-06-17 03:42:05

We were a handful of residents who moved here in December 2019, we have had our fair share of problems. If we are to wait til 2028 for all the facilities promised will there be a compensation package available?

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