Holy Cross parents launch petition against class changes for next term

Education / Tue 18th Jul 2023 at 11:54am

PARENTS at Holy Cross Primary have launched a petition in protest at a decision to mix their classes.

In a joint statement, one of the parents has told YH why they are unhappy.

The parent said: “We are writing to express our deep concerns regarding the recent decision made by Holy Cross Catholic School to mix the classes. It has come to our attention that this decision has not been adequately communicated to parents, which has left many of us feeling blindsided and unsettled.

“While we understand that schools have the authority to make such decisions, we firmly believe that it is not the right course of action in this particular situation. This sudden change disrupts the stability that our child, who shall remain nameless, has come to rely on during his schooling journey. It is highly unjust to subject him, and other students, to such an uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing scenario, especially considering the challenges they have already faced due to the ongoing pandemic.

We acknowledge that there may be students who require additional support during school hours, and we fully appreciate the importance of addressing their needs. However, we firmly believe that jeopardizing the well-being and educational experience of the majority of students is not the appropriate solution. Instead, we suggest exploring less disruptive approaches, such as the implementation of teaching assistants, which have been proven effective in schools nationwide.

Let us emphasize that we are wholeheartedly supportive of the school’s efforts to make positive changes and foster development. We always have our children’s best interests at heart. However, this particular decision has already caused considerable distress among our young ones simply at the thought of losing the only stability they have known throughout their schooling experience.

While we understand the importance of running a school and leading change, we must stress that our primary concern as parents is the happiness and well-being of our children. Therefore, we urge you to help us raise awareness, in the hopes that the school will reconsider this announcement and allow our children to continue their development in a nurturing environment alongside the classmates they have grown to bond with.

Please share this petition https://chng.it/SdVTyYfYvN

A spokesperson for Holy Cross Primary said: “We will be mixing children in their classes within all year groups next year.  

“This is normal practice in the majority of primary schools in Harlow and like these schools we see the benefit of this.

“As a Catholic school with a strong Catholic ethos, we believe in the importance of children being given the opportunity to be with other children that they may not already know well and to make new friends.

“It is preparing children for life beyond the classroom”. 

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13 Comments for Holy Cross parents launch petition against class changes for next term:

Jenny H
2023-07-18 12:16:17

The needs of the children are not being considered. Their mental well-being are not being looked after by the school. We should be protecting those children after the impacts of covid and allow them to cherish their friendships and not break them down to asset dominance over them. Those are the catholic values, to cherish, nurture, love. Not dictate, separate, isolate and cause lasting damage to their mental well-being.

2023-07-18 12:26:35

It is not practice is majority of schools in Harlow. More lies… thought lying was against the bible??

Angry mother
2023-07-18 12:31:23

So the reason to upset the mental health and wellbeing of my child, along with many other children is due to the head teacher wanting them to make new friends?! I thought they were their to learn? My son is so upset as he feels he's done something wrong, his friends are confused too. This is so unnecessary, cruel and unfair. He is going to be worrying the whole of the 6 weeks, dreading going back to school. This decision needs to be reversed and reviewed on an individual basis, for the best interest on each pupil and for the mental wellbeing of each child effected. By the way, what happened about the year 6 coach crash?

An upset Mother
2023-07-18 13:10:20

The decision to do this to a generation who have already had a huge amount of instability is incomprehensible. Holy Cross was a safe space with previous leadership and I no longer feel that. A risk management was not done, if it had been then maybe it would have been handled differently. I feel let down by a school I have loved and felt proud to be a part of for many years. Some groups have been isolated and others have been left alone, how is this democratic? If this decision had to be made, then surely it should have been done fairly but it has clearly not. Us as parents are having to pick up the pieces at home. Kids are resilient is what we keep hearing. Why add to what they already have to cope with. The decision in my opinion is a cruel and callous one with not one valid reason to have been made.

2023-07-18 13:42:48

Deffo not sendin my kids ere sounds aweful proppa arsh makin kids leave dere mates for no reason

Disappointed mother
2023-07-18 14:43:04

My child has come home so upset and distressed. Expressing they do not want to go to school anymore. This decision was not made with the children’s best interests at heart. This is a cold and calculated move to make some fundemental changes to the structure of the school without consultation of parents and governors all to make the school like her old school. Single handily ruining the school from the inside out undoing all of the fantastic work the previous head teacher committed her career to achieve. So so disappointed in Holy Cross.

2023-07-18 15:48:00

All these comments over mixing our kids classes??!!! I can't believe it!! Seriously, mental wellbeing?? Your children need to be socially aware and ready for the future and it's not like they are banning them from seeing or hanging out with their old classmates during break time. Seriously, what sort of a generation are we raising??? What are we teaching these children. Seriously, find something better to do other than this.

worried mom
2023-07-18 15:49:24

My child used to attend this school, I always thought it was a great institution, the previous headmistress was golden, she would not allow such treatment of children, maybe she did not greet them every day when they entered and left school, but she always had her heart for them, and during her disease and pandemic did not leave them, now the new headmistress has won over children and parents and suddenly a bit ... everything is gone ... my child has not been able to pick himself up since Friday, he has no close friends in his "new class".. .. I think it's time to look for a New School 😪😪

Confused Mother
2023-07-18 15:56:21

IO411- I'm wondering the same. Lots of schools mix classes. My daughters last year got mixed in Year 6 after being the same through covid and it was nice for them to have a change. I can't figure out whether there is more to this with the comments other than just mixing classes for next year and I'm missing something?

Vexed mum
2023-07-18 16:01:47


A father of two
2023-07-18 16:47:07

I think this actually helps our kids to make new friends, we had 2/3 years of COVID that has effected the way kids make new friends and engage with each other, I think it’s actually embarrassing how some of the parents are acting. I mean just reading what the person wrote above, it’s pathetic.

Happy parent
2023-07-18 17:06:56

I am very saddened to read these comments and to see how far some parents have gone to make this into an issue. Myself and a lot of other parents at the school cannot praise this school enough. The school has been through some difficult times in the last few years with the loss of their long standing head teacher. However, the new head teacher is amazing. She has brought fresh spirit into the school and all the children think the world of her. My daughter comes home often telling me how the head has been in her class and speaking to the class. She also says how she knows all the children’s names. This shows me what an effort the head teacher makes with each and every child. I have personally witnessed how the children’s health and metal well being is always her priority. I cannot fault this school or the head teacher at all. My daughter came home today all excited telling me about how she was in her new class this morning with her new teacher, I asked her how all the children were, and she replied that they were all happy and she has already made friends with a girl who was in the other class previously. She now cannot wait until September to be with her new class. After reading all the comments on here and on other sites I believe that it is the parents that are upset and not the children! Just because your child is with new children does not mean they do not have any friends, it means they now have the opportunity to make even more friends. This should be embraced. The parents can learn a lot from the children. I would recommend this school to anyone. As for the parents that are thinking of removing your child from the school surely this would cause them more upset as they are removed completely from their comfort zone. Keep up the good work Holy Cross, and well done to the new head teacher for a fantastic year.

Mum of a year 3 child
2023-07-18 17:16:38

I can not believe the anger and nastiness from some parents, yes my daughter is sad that she is in a different class from her best friends and worried that she will miss her them. However she knows it is right and good for her to make new friends. Some people seem to forget that the headteacher is a person that has feelings and children of her own too. She has made a decision for her school, which she thinks is in the best interest of the children there, that obviously she cares a lot about. We have to trust in our head and hope that this works out for the best. Nasty, ignorant and un-kind words will not achieve anything and does not show our children that we follow the Catholic values that we are meant to be raising them with in mind. People need to be mindful of mental health and remember that it doesn’t take much to ruin someone’s life. How are these children meant to know how to behave when their parents are acting so disgusting. Disappointed in the parents in this ‘school community!’