Cricket: A family affair for the Allens at Harlow Cricket Club

Cricket / Wed 19th Jul 2023 at 04:21pm

ON Saturday 8th July, the club witnessed probably both an historic and certainly a unique achievement with father, son and daughter playing together for the same team.

Can anyone else out there in the cricket world claim the same opportunity happening?

Father Jonny Allen, a stalwart for forty years played alongside his son Oliver (19) and daughter Emelia (16) in a match well won by their team. All three scored runs and took wickets, an amazing achievement for both the Allen family and Harlow Cricket Club.

For the record, Oliver (60) and Jonny (96 no) also enjoyed a partnership of 119. And then with the bowling, Oliver returned figures of 5 overs 1/28 and Emilia not wanting to be left out bowled four tidy overs with a return of 0/23.

The question was asked if we could recall any other families ties whilst playing cricket Harlow Cricket Club.

Certainly, as for father and sons or brothers, this has occurred frequently since the 1950’s onwards. Such as The Whitby Family with Father Lew playing with his two sons, Michael and David on a Whitsun Tour in Gloucestershire back in the early seventies. Michael was also a frequent cricketer for the club in his younger days and probably did play alongside his father. He certainly did so when the club organised a surprise ‘retirement’ match for Lew in the late 1980’s.

We had two cricketing brothers who lived next door to Marigolds. John and Tim Hinch and their father Len who was a regular second XI player in the 1950’s and 60’s. So, a very good chance they played a game or two with family ties.

Life Members have also featured with their children. Past second XI skipper Michael Farey played alongside his son Robin during his tenure. Similarly, so with past 1st & 2nd XI’s skipper, Terry Coxhead with his son Neil.

The Prodger dynasty cannot be overlooked. Father Peter started playing for our club in the 1950’s and as with his wife Myrtle were both Club Presidents for some time.

Their three talented sons, Simon, Michael and David all played for the club at various intervals and were all together in various Presidents Day matches for either parent although not so sure Peter took much of an active playing part.

Then of course, who can remember James Howick and Dad Alan teaming up on a few occasions, great memories for the club and many families.

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