Two men convicted for GBH after serious assault off Momples Road in Harlow

Crime / Tue 5th Sep 2023 at 12:10pm

TWO men have been convicted of a serious and unprovoked assault thanks to the work of detectives who pieced together their movements and actions. 

Alfie Speed and Aaron Millest were found guilty of GBH by a jury yesterday, Monday 4 September, following a five-day trial. 

The pair, both 19, were responsible for seriously injuring a man, aged in his 20s, in Harlow in January 2021. 

Officers were initially called to the Quarry Springs area of the town by colleagues in the ambulance service shortly before 6pm on Thursday January 28th, 2021 after a man had been found seriously injured. 

Enquiries found the assault had taken place behind the Purple Emperor pub, in Burgoyne Hatch, 30 minutes prior to the man being found. 

We now know the victim was approached by the men in a wooden area behind the pub before being punched to the ground by Millest. The victim was then kicked to his head and stamped on while he was on the ground. 

After the assault, the victim managed to travel to Quarry Springs, where he collapsed and was found. 

He was taken to hospital in a life-threatening condition. Thanks to medical treatment, he has been able to recover, but continues to live with the lasting impact of the incident physically and emotionally. 

As a result of work, both Speed and Millest were identified as being involved were subsequently arrested. 

They were charged with Section 18 GBH with intent and Section 20 GBH without intent. 

Both were found not guilty of section 18 but were found guilty of section 20 and will be sentenced on 28 September. 

Detective Inspector Lydia George, who led our investigation, said: “These men were responsible for vicious and unprovoked attack which left a man in life-threatening condition. 

“It was only through excellent medical care that he has been able to recover, although he continues to live with the lasting effects of this incident, both physically and emotionally.

“The investigative team has had to piece together a significant amount of information and CCTV to show beyond doubt that these two men were responsible for the attack and although I know the impact of this incident is significant but I hope this conviction is of some comfort for the victim and his family.”NOTES

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7 Comments for Two men convicted for GBH after serious assault off Momples Road in Harlow:

2023-09-05 13:12:43

My question is how did Aaron Millest go to prison for stabbing someone in 2020. In 2021 he was sentenced to 3 years . But in January 2021 he changed this man’s life for ever by beating him. Do my dates not add up? Or did he do both attacks before he was sentenced for the 3 years? I’m confused . He is a menace to society. How many more times does he have to hurt someone till he has a proper prison sentence.

2023-09-05 13:24:05

Pippa can you please take your irrelevant opinions and focus on your own life… fortunately you are not the justice system so focus on your day job😊

2023-09-05 13:55:54

Poppa you are scam just like those two! Are u friend or girlfriend of one of them or maybay mummy who raised such a beautiful boy???....

2023-09-05 14:57:41

Poppa, I think Pippa was just asking an innocent question to understand something. Instead of being rude, you didn’t have to comment atall.

2023-09-05 16:28:23

Poppa People like you make me sick her opinion is absolutely spot on ,it’s exactly that ,he didn’t give 2 hoots about what was hanging over he’s head even after being stabbed his elf and having his own spleen removed ,he’s a menace lock him up for good

2023-09-05 16:38:38

Millest's father was the same,a complete thug so the apple certainly hasn't fallen very far.

2023-09-05 17:44:52

And now they want to start on the peoples family go away concentrate on your life!!!!!