Donation helps cover the cost of two weeks of St Clare’s Hospice at Home care

Charity / Fri 22nd Dec 2023 at 10:32am

THE fundraising team at St Clare Hospice were delighted to welcome trustee Barbara Weltch, treasurer Grenville Weltch and trustees Sheila Pearce and Jackie Cooper, from the Waltham Abbey Voluntary Care group, when they visited the Hospice on 9th November.  

The group recently donated over £30,000 to the local charity after they took the difficult decision to wind up their community-centred work, which specialised in providing free transport to elderly, infirm or disabled people to attend hospital appointments as far afield as Whipps Cross and Basildon.   

Barbara Weltch said: “Over the years, our volunteer drivers have covered thousands of miles and helped hundreds of local people get to appointments, and even get out to the shops.  

“When we set the group up, over 40 years ago, Waltham Abbey was isolated geographically with no tube or railway station. We took people to their appointments and quite often, when we dropped them off, they asked us to go in to the hospital with them. Many people told us they would not have attended the appointment if the volunteers hadn’t done that.  

“Our volunteers have been the backbone of the group, but as the years have gone on, people have not been able to commit their time in the same way, and we came to the difficult decision that we needed to wind up the organisation.  

“When one of our long-standing volunteers sadly died, she left us a surprise gift in her will of £30,000. We were very touched. We never set out to make a profit, and all donations made for the transport were used to cover running costs and so this substantial gift was able to keep us afloat for some years. 

“Now the time has come to wind up the organisation, we couldn’t think of a better cause to donate it to, than St Clare, a charity dear to our hearts.” 

Ellie Gale, the Relationship Fundraising Manager at St Clare, said” “We were able to show the group of trustees, Grenville, Barbara, Sheila and Jackie around the Hospice and talk to them about what a difference their donation will make to the work of St Clare. The £30,000 donation could cover the cost of running our Hospice at Home team for two weeks, so it will impact so many local people who are in desperate need of support. We are very grateful.” 

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