Harlow resident delivers petition to Downing Street calling for Hamas to be removed from terrorist list

Politics / Sun 14th Jan 2024 at 03:14pm

A HARLOW resident was part of a delegation that handed in over 1400 letters calling for the removal of Hamas from the UK’s Proscribed List of Terrorist Bodies.

On Thursday, Zina Abdulatif Baird joined two others as they went to the front door of 10 Downing Street and handed in the letters.

At the heart of the petitioners’ argument is that whilst the Hamas military wing, the Qassam Brigades, were proscribed in 2001, the political wing was only added in 2021.

The Terrorism Act 2000 provides that any person affected by proscription may call upon the government to remove the proscribed body from the list.

Speaking in Whitehall, Ms Baird has pleaded for safe routes to provided out of Gaza, drawing a comparison with the safe routes afforded out of Ukraine for people impacted by the war there.

A film of the visit to Downing Street is below. Courtesy of Pete Gregson’s channel on YouTube.

Also thanks to The Canary website for details.

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40 Comments for Harlow resident delivers petition to Downing Street calling for Hamas to be removed from terrorist list:

2024-01-14 16:27:51

I only know what I see on the news , and read in the papers, but it's fact that Hamas want to wipe israel off the face of the earth. And correct me if i am wrong , but didn't they shoot over a 1000 people and cut the heads off babies. Is that how freedom fighters act. Your Harlow I will understand if you take this comment off.

Terry Blake
2024-01-14 16:39:33

This woman is either deranged or a terrorist sympathiser. If she is not British, she should be deported. What she is doing is criminal in support of a terrorist organisation. Police must arrest her. How this creature can condone the outrageous crimes committed by Hamas last October is a disgrace.

Luke Burton
2024-01-14 16:48:21

Well I hope she is a subject of interest to the Security Service. Hamas is a despicable organisation. Completely agree with Eddie and Terry above.

2024-01-14 17:07:53

I've always found it funny that the same people who want to support hamas, would rarely give up their soft life in the U.K. to go and live in Gaza under the countrol of hamas. The lady is entitled to her opinion of course, even if is a deluded one.

2024-01-14 17:20:38

Had the Terrorist organisation Hamas not kidnapped raped and tortured innocent people at the concert we wouldn't be where we are at present

2024-01-14 17:34:39

This woman is like a 5th Columnist amongst us. There are too many. They are not British and should be kicked out of our country. These demonstrations supporting terrorism are an outrage. Hamas provoked this by murdering, mutilating and kidnapping defenceless civilians. They commit the war crimes by shielding behind civilians, schools and hospitals. Israel is undertaking a lawful annihilation of a terrorist group.

Mike Palmer
2024-01-14 17:41:03

A real pity this despicable woman, who is a disgrace to our town, is not in Gaza, so that the Israeli forces could deal with her as a terrorist! Instant justice!

Constanza Sosa
2024-01-14 17:45:43

Hamas can release the hostages. Then peace talks can take place, and any consideration towards their status as a terrorist organisation. My fear is they can’t. My fear is that some of the hostages are already dead as a result of Hamas’s actions. And they don’t want to admit to it. What is this, other than the intent to inflict terror on their families and the Israeli population?… What is this, other than terrorism?

Alan Wilkinson
2024-01-14 17:56:20

How disgusting. Hamas hiding under hospitals, travelling with children on their rocket launcher trucks, rockets launched from childrens playgrounds, misappropriating funds from the UN to build tunnels for military reasons while their ppl starve. If she thinks they’re anything other than terrorists we should be doing a hard drive check!

2024-01-14 17:56:44

She is dangerous and 1400 who signs it just like Hamas,such a shame for Harlow

2024-01-14 18:25:11

Does this woman have no shame?? She puts our town to shame.

2024-01-14 18:43:13

Hamas kidnapped babies! Hamas kidnapped children! Hamas raped children! Hamas raped women! Hamas are terrorists hiding like cowards behind Palestinians ..

2024-01-14 18:44:29

Whilst she was in London, I wonder if she thought to visit the Palestine mission or Iranian embassy to demand that Hamas return the Israeli hostages and surrender. That would stop the war and end the killing . She could also have demanded that Hezbollah stopped attacking Israel and the Houthis stop attacking shipping. Perhaps, on the journey home, she could also reflect that could she have made such a protest about her govt if she was actually a citizen of Iran.

2024-01-14 18:45:59

I support Isreal…IDF must wipe Hamas off the earth

2024-01-14 18:50:22

After her intervention, I'm sure the IDF will call it a day at lunchtime tomorrow. As for safe routes, there is a reason why Egypt are building even more walls and barbed wire on the border. These are the type of people you do not want in your country

2024-01-14 18:59:54

Did this lady stop to think, that whilst she was in London she she should visit the Iranian embassy and Palestine mission to tell Hamas to release the hostages and surrender. That would stop the war! She could have also asked that Hezbollah stop firing missiles at Israel and the Houthis stop attacking shipping. These people never seem to support the peaceful options. On her facebook page she refers to Israelis as mother f&c?ers. I hope the police investigate her. I hope she also appreciate that the free speech she is allowed here would never be tolerated in Iran

John s
2024-01-14 19:10:55

Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis ALL THE RELIGION OF PEACE … in Holland they will ban the Quran and rightfully so.

2024-01-14 19:26:47

Omg is this woman ok? Is she being forced to do this by somebody? I know I’m my right mind that I wouldn’t be defending an organisation who raped innocent children . She is not in her right mind. I hope the government ignore her, she’s talking radical Islam and there are lefties who are brainwashed who would support her. How about campaigning for peace instead? Why do we allow these people to represent Harlow. Send her to where she is defending, I bet Hammas wouldn’t spare her and rape and kill her on the spot like any women they see. How can she defend radical Islam . This is all kinds of wrong.

Zina Abdullatif Baird
2024-01-14 19:31:12

Wow so much hate here for me. I am a woman of peace and love and I think all these comments just prove the nastiness that comes from believing what is told on British television. I pray that God will save the people in Gaza and Palestine, and that you people will educate yourselves properly. God Bless Palestine 🇵🇸

Steven Watson
2024-01-14 19:31:39

Well said Sally… I think she is brainwashed and just attention seeking like all the lefty weirdos! It’s like the people saying “refugees welcome” but don’t ever have them living in their own homes.

2024-01-14 19:32:45

FFS get her out. Vile person.

2024-01-14 19:34:05

This woman is an absolute disgrace to Harlow. She is odious!

Hamas slayer
2024-01-14 19:34:29

Zina why don’t you go and live with your brainwashed brothers and sisters in Palestine? I will pay for your flights….

Hamas slayer
2024-01-14 19:36:46

“ Every child that Hamas took was taken on a motorcycle, and they took each child and put their leg in front of the exhaust pipe, which caused a burn to mark the children so that in case they ran away or fled, they could find them,”

Hamas is ISIS
2024-01-14 19:41:14

"horrifying photos of babies murdered and burned by the Hamas monsters". HAMAS IS ISIS

2024-01-14 19:44:03

Zona there is no hate on here for you at all. One is surprised that, your focus wouldn't be on the terrorist attack on October 7th or the rockets fired daily from Hamas. The reason why people in Gaza are now in harms way is because of Hamas' actions on October 7th. You are the one who needs "educating". If you want the people in Gaza saved I'd suggest you focus on Hamas no longer being in charge in the region. Ask yourself why none of the neighbouring states wish take in the Gazans. That may "educate" you a little better.

Darren peacock
2024-01-14 19:50:15

Another backward Islamic terror group. Allan’s snack bar is utter cobblers

Pete Gregson
2024-01-14 19:50:42

It seems to me that everyone attacking Zina have been swallowing Israeli "hasbara". Justification for this war hinges on Hamas’s actions of the 7th October - but evidence has come to light that many of those who died that day were killed by Israel under its “Hannibal” directive, which aims at preventing Israelis being taken alive into Palestinian hands. Motorcyclists on Kalashnikovs couldn’t have burned out hundreds of cars or flattened those Kibbutz homes with their Israeli and Palestinian occupants. This damage was caused by Apache helicopters firing Hellfire missiles at every vehicle headed to Gaza - and Mavara tanks firing massive shells into occupied houses. Israeli Air Force Colonel Nof Erez confirms this. Although taking Israelis captive was Hamas’s declared purpose that day, MPs have been shown an IDF video of atrocities allegedly committed by Hamas, but many consider they have been misled; journalist Owen Jones reports there is no evidence of babies being beheaded or of rape. Whilst there were clearly some war crimes committed by Palestinians, there is no clear evidence this was by Hamas fighters; more likely opportunistic individuals coming from Gaza, following the Qassam Brigade’s 19 breaches right along the border fence, which allowed Gazans to escape 16 years of an illegal blockade. If you don't believe me, check the evidence at www.onepalestine.land/hamas/#Debunking https://www.onepalestine.land/hamas/#Debunking

2024-01-14 19:53:55

If this woman is not British, she should be deported, and if by some quirk she is British, she should be prosecuted as a traitor and supporter of a terrorist organisation,

2024-01-14 19:57:25

Pete don’t be so pathetic. Hamas recorded the attack I’ve seen the videos. Dead children, behead men etc etc RELIGION OF PEACE HAMAS IS ISIS

Renè Higuta
2024-01-14 19:59:12

Pete has gone full tin foil Hat. Anyone quoting Owen Jones as a reputable journalist has completely lost it

Zina Abdullatif Baird
2024-01-14 19:59:52

Honestly these comments. I will take myself to the police as they are great friends of mine. Plus who do you people think walked you up to the door at Downing Street. Some lovely policemen even offered to carry the box coz it was so heavy with all the signatures in it. Hamas are not bad people. Did you all not see the hostages waving to Hamas when they left. Some of the hostages have come out and said how wonderfully they were treated by Hamas. Israel are the ones that have caused this horror, the genocide needs to stop now.

Faustino Asprilla
2024-01-14 20:01:26

Pete Gregson Ladies and gentlemen Activist who claimed Israel 'exaggerated' Holocaust was lined-up to speak at Holyrood event on Gaza EXCLUSIVE: Pete Gregson was expelled from a trade union after claiming Israel was "a racist endeavour" that "exaggerates" the Holocaust for "political ends".

Zina Abdullatif
2024-01-14 20:02:11

I am 100% British 🇬🇧 and I’m ashamed of our government. I suppose the thousands of people protesting yesterday for a free Palestine are all wrong too. One day Palestine will be free. 🇵🇸✌🏼

Joey Barton
2024-01-14 20:04:38

Zina pack it in now love! Stop trying to find love with a mad Islamic terrorists surely there is a drunk in Wetherspoons that will take you out for a KFC bucket.

IDF Dave
2024-01-14 20:08:02

Nothing better than watching IDF blow Hamas to bits.

James W
2024-01-14 20:11:37

Free from what Zina? This may come as a shock Zina, but the thousands you talk about, there is over 65 million in the country. I do find it a little strange, your focus is not on Hamas. One can only assume, when you don't see people getting as worked up over the Syrian war deaths, Yemen, over a million being expelled from Pakistan and the real genocide against Muslims in China one wonders why Israel's actions get certain people so animated. Some people may believe, it could be the age old problem of what a certain Austrian chap used to suffer from.

2024-01-14 20:26:37

Pete and Zina . I have got 🧚‍♂️ 🧚‍♀️ at the end of my garden.

2024-01-14 20:38:45

Why have we got all these people in Harlow,why do they all come here? Send her back to where she comes from

2024-01-14 20:56:42

"Did you all not see the hostages waving to Hamas when they left." I think this might be the stupidest thing I have read in a long time. Those people were captured, tortured and worse. There was a ceasefire until Hamas violated it, on the 7th October now they are going to reap what they deserve.