Man found stabbed in Fold Croft following a night of knife crime across Harlow

Crime / Thu 25th Jan 2024 at 01:08pm

OFFICERS investigating incidents of public disorder in Harlow made an arrest and continue their investigation into a serious assault.

A spokesperson said: “Shortly after 5.15pm on Wednesday (January 24), we received reports of a man carrying an offensive weapon in the area of The Stow, Harlow.

Officers attended within 10 minutes, engaging with witnesses at the scene and conducting an immediate area search.

As a result of these enquiries, officers made an arrest.

A 20-year-old man, from Harlow, remains in custody for questioning on suspicion of affray this morning.

A short time later, at around 8pm, we were called by our ambulance service colleagues to Fold Croft, Harlow.

It was reported they were treating a man who had suffered stab wounds.

He was taken to hospital and is thankfully now in a stable condition.

Our enquiries in relation to these incidents are ongoing and we continue to maintain a presence across Harlow both to investigate these matters and patrol the area.

Officers have enforced a Section 60 order, increasing powers to stop and search individuals within a specific area.

The order will be enforced within the area displayed in the map and is in place until 9.20pm tonight (25 January).

“As a result of this order, officers stopped and searched six people overnight with one further arrest for possession of a Class B drug”.


Chief Inspector Paul Austin, Harlow district commander, said:

“At this stage we believe these matters to be targeted incidents of violence and public disorder, with no wider ongoing threat to the community.

“As a result of a number of calls and reports relating to these matters, we took the step of implementing a Section 60 order, which temporarily gives us greater powers to monitor a specific area and react appropriately to suspicious activity.

“You may see an increased policing presence and I would encourage residents to raise any concerns or issues with us.

“I would also urge anyone who may have information which could assist our enquiries into a serious assault to come forward.”

Anyone with information, or any footage which could assist our enquiries, should get in touch with us.

You can let us know by submitting a report on our website or by using our online Live Chat service available Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) between 10am-9pm.

Alternatively you can call us on 101.

In an emergency always call 999.

If you would like to make an anonymous report you can contact independent charity @CrimestoppersUK, by visiting their website or by calling 0800 555 111.

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14 Comments for Man found stabbed in Fold Croft following a night of knife crime across Harlow:

2024-01-25 14:30:38

What the hell is happening to this town / country. Sad sad times

Famie Brinkley
2024-01-25 15:06:05

Why not warn tvese gangs tvat yiur doing stop search fir so many hours, seriously this is why tvey don’t get caught, why warn them , so now tvey won’t be carrying , then tomorro tvere safe to do so again, seriously !!!!

2024-01-25 15:14:11

Bring back the death penalty, full sentences with hard labour, need fruit or veg pickers get these prisoners to work.Cut our all the perks in prison. It is not a hotel. In a number US states prisoners can be hired out. Bring in Singapore style punishments. Check their crime rates versus ours! Too soft, too politically correct, too woke.

2024-01-25 16:34:52

Love that spelling famie

2024-01-25 16:46:46

Funny police have left the stow now and a group of boys have turned up in the stow, 1 of which is part of the gang who carries the knives, the police really have no idea , why leave the area once school children have gone home, these gangs are not in school , there in college , so why give up at this time,, soon as police are gone they enter the stow .. police need to wisen up

Iain Lindsay
2024-01-25 18:35:19

Lynda is absolutely right with her comments. We need to adopt elements of Sharia Law and cut off the hands of savages caught carrying knives. Poetic Justice.

2024-01-25 18:48:37

If only we focused on Knife crime rather than pronouns !!!!

2024-01-25 18:54:05

M. Famie is absolutely correct though.

2024-01-25 21:51:41

Jessi - Although it is important to focus on knife crime, it is equally important to focus on pronouns, grammar and education in general - I don’t wish to generalise, but it’s not kids with degrees going round knifing each other, it’s kids on the Sink Estates like Harlow that are involved in knife crime - Kids with low educational attainment.

2024-01-26 05:07:44

Lynda, we need strident people like you as candidates in our party! You sound like you are old enough to remember that Singapore just let the Japs cycle in during WWII and take them over - We can do better than Singapore - We need our own Great British Justice System with a bit of backbone. The feckless and one parent families - Let’s get them breaking rocks for ballast for our Great British Railways. Pensioners who haven’t saved enough for their retirement without relying on State Handouts need to be in the Workhouse sewing Mail Sacks for our Great British Post Office. Post THREE DAYS A WEEK is so woke!. —-- People who offer to do jobs ‘Cash in Hand’ - Off with their hands!!!! —-- Don’t even get me started on those who drive their children to school or those who still have their Christmas Lights up now!

2024-01-26 07:52:51

Apologies to lain Lindsay. It is people like David with their condescending, supercilious manners that are as much a part of the problem as the criminals and yobs. The wokes have infiltrated our institutions over decades such that the damage may now be irreversible. Even much of the Tory party, once the party of law and order has gone soft. Any party willing to restore real justice and eradicate wokism and the PC brigade will get many votes and support from the mass of decent frustrated British people.

Crazyhorse 74
2024-01-26 10:23:23

David we need you as our local m.p.!!!

Dan smith
2024-01-26 11:21:46

This town has got worse and worse ever since they have turned old offices into flats and given them to the londoners instead of people that have been waiting for accommodation here in this town the knife crime has been so bad in this town and maybe if we didnt have all these people from London here it might be a safer town some people are scared to go out of there houses or to go to shops as there are gangs everywhere you go seriously police need to up there game and make this town a safer place

2024-01-26 12:25:03

Dan Smith, I don't disagree, but more police is only part of the solution. The Courts and punishments need to be far harsher. Prison must be a deterrent and punishment a retribution on behalf of society. We need to be more like Singapore. Singapore has a reputation for being one of the safest cities in the world. Violent crime in Singapore is rare – as of 2021, such crimes accounted for 9 per 100 thousand population. But check the punishments they have. Also our police are being indoctrinated to focus on stupid 'hate crimes' rather than real crimes that impact on peoples lives.