HTS is getting ready to do the grass cutting in March

News / Sat 17th Feb 2024 at 11:10am

HARLOW Council and its maintenance company HTS are getting ready to begin the grass cutting season next month.

The season will begin in March when the ground will be drier and firmer, so that the mowing equipment won’t cause damage to the ground around the town’s green spaces.

In the meantime, HTS teams will continue the winter programme work of maintaining hedges and shrubs.

This year there will be a complete overhaul of how grass is cut across the town following pilots introduced last year. The new working practices that HTS is putting into action are:

  • Teams of three each cover defined neighbourhoods 
  • Grass is cut and strimmed at the same time, so it does not become overgrown around obstacles 
  • HTS will aim to cut the grass every 10 working days instead of every 17 working days, to ensure it is kept shorter and tidier 
  • Each team of three has responsibility for their defined areas, ensuring more ownership is taken in their work 

Councillor Nicky Purse, cabinet portfolio holder for environment, said:

“As we continue to deliver on our priority to restore pride in Harlow, we are now all set for the new season, following the successful grass cutting pilot schemes we completed last year with mowing and strimming teams all moving around the town together.

“HTS will also be cutting grassed areas more often which, coupled with the improvements made to hedge and shrub trimming, and the tree maintenance programme being introduced, will mean that this year the town’s green spaces will look better than ever.”

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13 Comments for HTS is getting ready to do the grass cutting in March:

Hazel McIntyre
2024-02-17 11:37:15

The grass area at the side of my house barely gets done, I have to complain to my local councillor then it’s sorted…..til it up to 3ft high and I complain again.

Maureen Connell
2024-02-17 14:43:21

The grass outside my house is seldom cut as some HTS staff seem to think it belongs to me. There are also overgrown bushes/nettles next to the grass which also needs cutting.

2024-02-17 15:56:37

It's good to hear that groups of three are being made responsible for their area and that if things are not done correctly the Council knows which group is responsible. Also tree maintenance programme being introduced!!! Some years ago the trees were always taken care of but this was before Harlow Council started having outside companies take over the care and welfare of our town and both WIER and HTS had decided that trees were not part of their remit. The trees in our town are very important and should have always been cared for.

Nicholas Taylor
2024-02-17 17:51:18

This article is interesting on a number of levels. From 1950 until the early part of this century the Harlow Development Corporation and from 1978, Harlow Council had what was generally known as landscape teams, based at local neighbourhood depots at the Stow, Bush Fair, Wych Elm and Staple Tye. Up until the early 1990's 72 gardeners were employed to maintain shrub beds, cut grass and keep hedges in good order. The huge reduction in money given to Councils by the then Tory Government saw a huge reduction in staff numbers and the ripping out of flower and shrub beds to be replaced with grassed areas, to save costs. Even then, smaller teams worked in each neighbourhood, staff who knew their patch well. Much of this went by the by just as did the local teams maintaining council houses, as services were decentralised to the depot in Riverway. In recent years very little work has ben done to maintain trees, the council carrying out in the main reactive work rather than proactive work. The result of all this, a town which looks shabbier than ever. Of course it all comes down to money, or the lack of it. Our current Tory Government continues to ignore the fact that councils are underfunded, preferring to spend billions of pounds on other issues. And no, I am not saying Labour would be any better.

2024-02-17 17:56:25

may be they can cut the ivy that is taking over everywhere ive been trying for years to get the trees by my house to be trimed back and all harlow council say we only trim dangerous trees they shouldnt plant trees close to houses and leave them with no maintance

2024-02-17 18:11:43

Hedge cutting is a complete joke,the crews have been told to leave the tops and they are out of control every where,so come on explain whats going on ?

2024-02-17 20:06:22

It is good to see the council/HTS being pro-active. But, will tidiness achieved by more frequent cutting be detrimental to the environment. Also will strips of grass still be left uncut. Hopefully, now the street signs have been maintained/replaced will efforts be mad to replace broken/missing kerbs and paint the garages. The state of the kerbs, in my view, has a very detrimental affect on how the town looks, far more than a bit longer grass. Of course, grass is only long in summer, broken kerbs are there all year. Matt, the council trimmed a tree next to my house on friday, they do it if you report that it is too close to your house, around a metre I believe.

2024-02-17 20:25:40

Can they do the hedges before there's no footpath left to walk on

2024-02-17 22:30:23

I think one of three ways that might help. If some people are fit and able , perhaps we should do it ourselves where.possible , and give up waiting for HTS.

2024-02-18 09:45:29

Teams taking ownership, what a joke when even the council will not take ownership. We were encouraged to report problems to the council and take pride in our town. But when you do nothing happens or a phone call saying it is not Harlow council's problem, dumped cars, bushes blocking pavement etc. Also no response from the local councillor.

2024-02-18 11:23:33

Well that is good news. At least we can now hold account a team of 3 when they decide to remove or mow over our bushes, shrubs and flowers planted for the 3rd time.. it'll make the claim against the council so much easier

Luke Williams
2024-02-18 11:49:29

I have been cutting an area near my house for years. Not necessarily because HTS didn't do it (they didn't for quite some time) but becasue they cut the grass too short after not cutting it for too long. They either leave a matted mess of scalp the grass leaving a muddy mess. They will not use a higher cut for some reason and will noy leave it to me for health and safety reasons "someone might slip on cuttings". Health and safety doesn't seem to extend to pruning overhanging branches and clearing leaves in autumn before they form a slippery mess on foot and cycle paths.

David Vincent
2024-02-19 09:17:08

The picture shows Sean on the mower. He's a top bloke like Scotty, Ian, Richard Rob, Steve, Angel and the supervisor Matt. You couldn't wish to work with better blokes.

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