Every picture tells a story at the Harlow Open

Entertainment / Tue 5th Mar 2024 at 05:43pm

By Alice Read

THE Gibberd Gallery in Harlow is a captivating art space managed by the Harlow Art Trust. 

Your Harlow journalist, Alice Read, went up to the Gallery to have a look at some of the exhibits in the Harlow Open.

St Osyth Creek, 1912

This painting evokes a sense of quiet content. A place where one can pause, breathe, and listen to the whispers and echoes of nature. This painting can represent memories, the water being still is a moment suspended in time. St Osyth Creek invited us to reconnect with the natural work.
7. Jenny Lushington
Watercolour & Pen



Jonesy plays cleverly with the light and dark, casting shadows with brush strokes. The sky is clouded and dark while also having visibility of light peering through almost like a glimpse of hope. The eyes piercing, hold our gaze. Whose eyes are these? It gives a real sense of insecurity and uncertainty while also raising curiosity wanting to see beyond the visible, exploring what lies beneath.
31. Jonesy
Oil on Canvas
Winner of the Sue McDonald Prize


Bone China

This ceramic piece stood out to me, as the hard work and dedication that went into each pot and cup were clearly shown by the level of detail, I also enjoyed the literal take on “Bone China” finding this very creative. This art piece has so much depth and many very delicate intricate details I had to stop to mesmerize it. The hidden detail in each curve, each crack, captures the fragility of life and the beauty of imperfection.
43. Skye Carolan
Ceramics with Oxide


Arcadia Disturbed

Victoria Crowe, a valued Scottish painter. Her journey has been a deep connection to her surroundings and an exploration of landscapes. Crowe’s work reflects both her experiences. Crowe’s paintings often express change, capturing fragility, and temporariness.
The title “Arcadia Disturbed” hints at a paradise disrupted by unseen influences, with Arcadia having connotations of bliss and contentment.
Victoria Crowe
Wax Crayon, Brush & Ink, Collage, Watercolour, Gouache


Fatal Allegations

Smith’s work often goes above literal representation. His paintings are rich with symbolism, leaving room for interpretation. The character’s masks introduce depth between what is seen and what lies beneath. 
The title itself hints at drama, accusations, secrets, and perhaps even tragedy as seen from the coffins scattered across the canvas. This invites speculation…What are the allegations? Whose accused? Is justice served?
Richard Shirley Smith
Watercolour, Gouache 



All the artwork I saw at the Gibberd Gallery was spectacular, the level of detail and tremendous effort that was put into each one was impressive! Highly recommend having a visit just to appreciate these artists and their amazing skills. Remember, art speaks differently to each observer. Perhaps you’ll uncover your reflections. 

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