Harlow MP Robert Halfon question Prime Minister over Iran’s drone attacks on Israel

News / Tue 16th Apr 2024 at 12:22pm

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon rose on the floor of the House of Commons to ask the prime minister a question on Israel.

Mr Halfon said: “Following Iran’s drone attacks on Israel on Saturday, I today asked the Prime Minister in Parliament if there is now a new opportunity for Israel and the Arab nations to rebuild relations in the aftermath of October 7th and bring the hostages home.

Last year, as Israel and Saudi Arabia were about to strike a transformational agreement, Iran-backed Hamas carried out its massacre on October 7th, with the aim of torpedoing the chance for peace between Israel and the Arab nations.

“Last Saturday’s drone attack by Iran, being thwarted by Israel and her allies, including Jordan, demonstrated that Arab countries can work alongside Israel after this new period of contention”.

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5 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon question Prime Minister over Iran’s drone attacks on Israel:

2024-04-16 15:49:10

So Israel can rightly so defend itself against the Hamas attack on October 7th, even though it is now less defense and more offense... but Iran can't defend itself against the bombing of its embassy on April 1st, What am I missing? Israel attacked Iran?

2024-04-16 19:33:34

So Hezbollah attacking Israel isn't the same as Iran attacking Israel despite it being, apparently, fully funded by Iran. The same goes for Yemen, Hamas, perhaps Syria. Confused, how can you not see how Iran drives death, and on a wider scale eg Nigeria Islam drives death. Where do we think the poor African rebels of Boco Haram get their weapons? The Iranians know they are targets and take the risk-their choice. But Robert Halfon looking for a peaceful solution is good.

double standards
2024-04-17 08:43:36

We can shoot down Iranian drones, but not russian drones over Ukraine? What's the difference, I don't understand why we are getting involved

2024-04-17 12:53:20

The difference being Russia is a superpower, and not wanting world war 3 starting. Because there is no winners in a Nuclear War.

2024-04-18 09:58:39

Iran is just as dangerous. And If russia was a "superpower" it would've rolled through Ukraine, which it most definitely didn't, after years of corruption in the ru gov their military power has been greatly reduced, and as far as we know after Trump's inaction Iran more then likely has its own nukes, or very close to it. Furthermore, Israel is a Nuclear Power too, and doesn't need our help any more than Ukraine does, both could easily end in WW3, so why only defend Israel? We are duty bound to defend Ukraine due to the Budapest Memorandum after we and the States promised to in return for Ukraine giving up their own Nukes, which would've stopped russia from thinking about invading them.

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