Update: Teenager arrested after bomb squad swoop on house in Abbotsweld

News / Wed 21st Aug 2013 at 06:41pm


Update: 1030 hrs

AN 18-YEAR-OLD Harlow man has been arrested and bailed on suspicion of preparing an explosive substance.

Police executed a search warrant at 4.30pm on Wednesday August 22nd.

An Essex Police spokesperson has told YH that on entering the house in Abbotsweld, they found two suspicious items.

At this point, they requested the presence of Bomb Squad, who attended and on inspection, deemed the devices, “safe to move”.

The devices have been taken away for examination.

The 18-year-old was arrested and later bailed.

Wed: 2130 hrs

THERE is an ongoing police incident in the Abbotsweld area of Harlow.

A local resident informed YH that they had seen a bomb disposal unit attend in Abbotsweld at just past 7pm.

The team were there for over an hour.

Once they had stood down, uniformed police, plain clothed police and scene of crime unit also attended at the location.

They were still there at 9pm.

The Essex Police control room would only confirm that there was an on-going incident at that location.

Although there have been reports of a laptop being removed from the house, this has not been substantiated.


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2 Comments for Update: Teenager arrested after bomb squad swoop on house in Abbotsweld:

2013-08-22 15:53:06

Reporting at it's best, lets put everyone that lives in that house as well as the estate in danger by publishing the door number! Hope you can sleep at night, cos I know I couldn't.

2013-08-23 16:16:46

@getfactsright: Perhaps you could explain how publishing the address puts the residents of the house and estate at risk? Vigilantes? Other amateur bomb-makers wanting to stomp out the competition? Since this house will now no doubt be under closer scrutiny by local police, I'd say the residents of the house and that estate are now slightly safer than any other random Harlow door number.

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