Harlow schools delighted with GCSE results

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HARLOW schools were delighted with their students GCS results. The students flocked into the five schools to open the envelopes and see the results of two years hard work.


STEWARDS Academy continues to push the school’s level of achievement for GCSE’s and yet again continues the upward trend with an overall result of 58% of pupils achieving 5 or more A* to C grades with English and Maths. Following on from the recent excellent Ofsted report this reflects the tremendous hard work by staff and pupils in working towards the school’s challenging internal targets.

The twelve highest achieving pupils achieved 144 A*/A grades between them. Jasmine Hind achieved a total 15 A*/A grades, and Anastasia Smirnova who joined Stewards from Latvia in year 9 achieved 12 A*/ A grades.

Headteacher Rhonda Murthar said “We are all delighted with the results which are the best that Stewards Academy has yet achieved. They reflect exactly what Ofsted saw when they came in – a team effort on the part of the pupils, staff and the families of our pupils in working together to make sure that our pupils achieve the very best they are capable of.”



Headteacher, Elaine Heaphy was also delighted with the school’s achievements. Speaking to YH, Miss Heaphy said: “55% of our students gained 5 or more A* to C including English and Maths.

“Twenty-one students gained 5 or more of A/A*’s in the subjects including Vatsal Patel gained 11 A A*/A’s. Collette Budd and Harrison Seymour both achieved 10.

“We are all very proud of them and we are very proud of each and every student, member of staff and all the parents who have made this a very successful year.”


Principal of Passmores Academy, Vic Goddard was also full of praise for his students. Staff were on hand in the main foyer area of the schools as the students came in and opened the envelopes. They were also there to give advice on what steps they may want to take next.

Mr Goddard said” It has been a record year with 54% of students gaining 5 A* to C including English and Maths.

“Over 300 students have achieved an A or an A% in any given subject. That is quite an achievement.

“But as we know, this is just one stepping stone in a journey.  Some students will go onto academic achievement and some will go on to vocational achievement. What is vital is that each and every student feels good about themselves and feels positive about the future.”


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