Police warning over latest telephone fraud scam

Communities / Sat 9th Nov 2013 at 12:23pm

POLICE are warning people in Harlow to be aware of a variation of a telephone fraud scam after a number of people reported dubious phone calls yesterday (Fri Nov 8).

Four people, in Leigh on Sea, have contacted police after they were called by men claiming to be from the Metropolitan Police or a company running a competition.

In three of the cases a man said that he was investigating the fraudulent use of the person’s bank card and has then advised them to call their bank or asked for their card details. In another case the caller claimed that the person had won some money and he needed their bank details.

All of the people called became suspicious of the claims or consulted family members about them and then called the police.

These scams would appear to be variations of recent claims by fraudsters to be police officers or bank officials in an attempt to obtain bank account and credit card details.

Enquiries are continuing and arrests have been made in relation to some of these previous calls but police continue to advise residents to be on their guard against phone fraudsters:

REMEMBER…..the police, your bank or any reputable company would NOT phone you to ask about your bank details or for any sensitive information including PIN numbers

REMEMBER….your bank would NEVER ask you over the telephone to move money from one account to another. They would NEVER ask you to take out large sums of cash as part of any fraud investigation.

IF IN DOUBT..…HANG UP and phone the police, but DO NOT use the phone that they have called you on.

Part of the scam is that the fraudsters will ask you to call them back or your bank to confirm that they are legitimate, but they will stay on the line and will respond when you think you are making a new call.

Try to use a mobile telephone, go to a neighbour’s house, call a relative, contact a carer and call Essex Police on 101 or dial 999 in urgent cases.

If you cannot use another phone to call police wait for at least 10 minutes before using the phone you have been called on and ENSURE that you get a dialling tone.

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