Halfon defends position on Bedroom Tax

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon has defended his position on the bedroom tax after Labour candidate, Suzy Stride noted his absence from the debate in parliament on Tuesday evening.

Robert Halfon said: “In a week when it was announced that unemployment in Harlow continues to fall, and the number of apprenticeships have gone up by 82%, I am saddened that the Labour Party has not released a press release celebrating this good news.

“In my surgeries I regularly help families who are living in overcrowded accommodation, such as families of five squeezing into two-bedroom houses. There are over 350,000 families living in overcrowded accommodation across Britain, and hundreds in Harlow. There is also a £150 million discretionary fund from the Government that is provided to help disabled people, and Harlow Council are able to use the £500,000 they received from the Government to help people.

“This was the Labour Party playing politics rather than looking for a real solution. The average working person in Harlow pays £1,200 from their taxes on benefits. This Government is right to deal with the problem of overcrowding, and ensure that lower earners are not hit unfairly by paying for people to have bigger houses than they have.

“Finally, there is no such thing as a ‘bedroom tax’. A tax is a bill you receive from HMRC. The Labour Party know this well as they introduced the Single Room Supplement for poor people on benefits who happened to live in private accommodation, without any funds being made available for people who had extra needs.”

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