Review: Accursed Kingdom build up their empire

Lifestyle / Thu 30th Jan 2014 at 12:10pm

Accursed Kingdom – 25th January at The Square

By Holly Reijs

ON a busy Saturday night, hard-core band Accursed Kingdom jumped onto the stage bursting with energy.

Lead vocals, Dan Hounslow, screamed along to his song whilst the rest of the band all stood in a line and played their music proudly. Flashing lights shone down on them, making the atmosphere outstanding! Around 60 people bopped their heads to the music whilst the rest started a mosh pit in the middle of the crowd directed by Dan.

After every song, the crowd cheered the loudest cheers the square has ever heard. The third song ‘Knife Man’, the room went into darkness. All that could be seen was the bar for a few seconds. By doing this, it was easy to tell that the song was going to be a dark one. Strobe lighting then took full effect, which then all you could see were the six band members jumping around enjoying what they were doing.

All six of them were dressed in black, so when the strobe lighting took affect all you could see were their heads which made it look like the band were just floating heads! Dan made the audience split in two halves and told them to run into each other when the song got back into its full glory. The audience were losing their hats and falling over by doing this which made the band grin from ear to ear. The band had merch for sale which sold very well throughout the whole night.

A brand new song was performed at this set which the crowd went mental for. Everyone wanted to hear this song which resulted in the stair way to the stage being clogged up with eager beavers! More strobe lighting took effect, making it clear to see all the band members shiny hair.

The fifth song which erupted out of the speakers was an instrumental one, very different to what other heavy bands do around Harlow which was good to hear. Green lighting shone down on the lads this time so you knew the song was going to be a different one. Dan interacted with the audience by getting them to bounce on their feet and really get involved.

accursedBy being at this gig, it was clear to see that this band are going to get far in their music career. They all loved being on that stage and put 110% into every song that was performed. They are a different hard-core band with a bright future in front of them.

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