“Vulnerable” Sheering Primary re-visited by Ofsted

Education: Primary / Mon 24th Mar 2014 at 03:26pm

SHEERING PRIMARY has been re-visited by Ofsted after an earlier inspection informed the school that it required improvement.

The most recent visit still has a number of criticisms and reccomendations.

The reports findings are:

1.Your action plan sets out clearly how you aim to tackle the weaknesses identified in the previous inspection. However, while it is clear how leaders and governors will monitor the effectiveness of your planned actions, it is not clear how often you will check on the progress being made towards achieving your targets. It is also important to record the impact of your actions on an on-going basis. You have received conflicting guidance on how to complete your action plan from different parties, which has not been entirely helpful.

2.You have reviewed the structure of guided reading in the school after having held training sessions with the teaching staff. All of the reading books have now been graded according to difficulty, and teachers are starting to approach guided reading sessions with a clearer understanding of what they hope pupils will gain from the sessions.

3.You have raised teachers’ awareness of the importance attached to pupils’ expected rates of progress and have linked teachers’ performance targets to the progress made by the pupils in their classes. You are tackling weaker teaching by seeking appropriate training for those teachers whose practice is not consistently good.

4.As a newly appointed headteacher in a school facing a number of challenging circumstances, it is important to take advantage of links with similar schools which have moved to ‘good’, and to discuss successful strategies with senior leaders of such schools.

5.Members of the governing body are fully aware of the challenges the school faces and were not prepared to appoint a permanent headteacher unless they were convinced about his or her ability to drive improvement. Those governors with whom I met demonstrated a sound awareness of what the school needs to do to improve, and they have carried out research into how schools are successful in improving outcomes for those pupils who receive pupil premium. They carry out scheduled visits to the school with a particular focus in mind, for example pupils’ development of literacy skills or the teaching of phonics.

6.The local authority has identified the school as being vulnerable, and monitors the school’s performance through it improvement board every six weeks. It has provided some support for weaker teaching and has commissioned its Early Years consultant to work with the school.

7.The local authority has also suggested a senior leader who might offer support and challenge, but you have not yet taken up this offer of support. An independent school improvement partner has also provided guidance on writing your school improvement plan. This school improvement partner has worked with the school for some time, but there is no demonstrable evidence of this support having impacted significantly on raising standards. The Diocese has also offered guidance on school improvement planning. Governors say that external support and guidance have not been well co-ordinated.

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