Suzy Stride talks tough on the economy

Politics / Wed 10th Dec 2014 at 05:58pm

SuzyIT WAS Bill Clinton who coined the phrase: “It’s the economy, stupid!” and it seems that is the message that Suzy Stride, is getting from the doorsteps of Harlow.

The tireless Labour campaigner believes she is seeing the mood change in the town and believes that it is the question of the economy that is being discussed most in Harlow.

You definitely feel there is a skip in the Suzy stride at the moment. YH caught up with Ms Stride at the Gateway Centre in Staple Tye, as part of Small Business Saturday.

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2 Comments for Suzy Stride talks tough on the economy:

2014-12-15 14:29:17

Well you must hope it isn't Suzy, cos if it is you lose! Harlow Labour Party left a massive black hole in the Council finances when they left office in 2008. Since they returned in 2012 Council Tax has gone up for the last two years after a three year freeze. Nationally, Gordon Brown claimed to have abolished boom and bust, and then presided over the largest recession and biggest deficit since the war, including the first run on a British Bank (Northern Rock) in decades. The current Labour Leader and Shadow Chancellor were Gordon Brown's closest allies - why would people think those two were the way to get the Country back in the black!? You cannot trust Labour with Taxpayers money!

2014-12-18 06:20:56

Ms Stride's desires to help SMEs is just apple pie and motherhood everyone knows Labour is anti business and anti success. Apart from that she kept to central office script perfectly, The two Ed's will be pleased

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