Labour’s Suzy Stride on PAH crisis: “Labour will invest and support our hospital”

Politics / Tue 30th Dec 2014 at 05:15pm

LABOUR candidate for the General Election, Suzy Stride, has pledged to invest in the NHS in order to prevent a repetition of the crisis that has beset Princess Alexandra Hospital as it continues to restrict A and E to life threatening cases only.

Ms Stride said: “I want to pay tribute to the incredible work staff at PAH do over the Christmas break when there is an increased call On their services.

“To have taken the serious step of only seeing emergency cases is significant and reflects a problem with access to GP surgeries for people in Harlow.

“When I carried out a survey on the NHS over the summer around half of people who responded told me they could not see a GP within 48 hours when they needed one. Many of these people will end up at A and E.

Like all hospital trusts PAH is suffering the effects of a Tory-led government that has spent £3bn on a management restructure at the expense of frontline services.

“We need more GPs and nurses to cope with increasing demand.

“If Labour win in May, we will ensure that PAH and the NHS nationally receives the investment & support it needs. We will bring in a mansion tax and clamped down on tax evasion in order to invest in the NHS.

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2 Comments for Labour’s Suzy Stride on PAH crisis: “Labour will invest and support our hospital”:

2015-01-04 16:23:16

It was Labour that burdened the NHS with PFI debt

2015-01-08 17:32:06

Is Ms. Stride living in the real world? How can they invest in the NHS which is already short of £8Bn for the coming year? How can they finance a massive increase in GP numbers too? Their 48 hour GP pledge is worthless. The trouble is Labour burdened the NHS with massive PFI debts (as Carra rightly says), ridiculous targets, a massive bureaucracy - focusing on spin doctors rather than real doctors, privatised cleaning services, and gave us the Stafford disaster. That's without mentioning the 31 NHS trusts that are now in special measures due to financial issues almost totally as a result of these PFI agreements. This is of course without mentioning the increased pressure created by the uncontrolled levels of immigration also created by Labour! Labour like to be the party of the NHS, and claim everyone else wants to privatise it, yet the last Labour Government did more to privatise the NHS than any other in History! Like anything to do with money - you cannot trust Labour with the NHS or it's budgets!

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