UKIP slam Tories and Labour over A and E crisis in Harlow

News / Mon 12th Jan 2015 at 06:58am

UKIP’S PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate for Harlow, Sam Stopplecamp has slammed both the Tories and Labour over the on-going crisis at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow.

Mr Stopplecamp said:

“Is anyone surprised that our NHS A&E is in such a mess? What about the debacle that is the East of England Ambulance service?

Dear Mr Cameron and Mr Miliband, if you close half the A&E department is England then there will be time of the year that the Ambulance service cannot deliver patients. The remaining A&E’s will be stretched, is this a difficult concept?

“Epping had an A&E and so did Bishop’s Stortford both closed and PAH is now the A&E for a massive area, this means that the ambulances need to travel further and if PAH is busy then there is no alternative.

This story is being repeated all over this country, and it has been happening for decades. When will our leaders stop telling us that more resources are being thrown at the NHS when we have lost entire department.

“When will our leaders admit that we have a £300 billion NHS debt that is owed to private companies? It is time for some honesty from our ‘professional Politicians’ we need to build more facilities not close them down.

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