Harlow Labour’s streetlight campaign gathers momentum

Politics / Thu 15th Jan 2015 at 03:06pm

LABOUR’S campaign to end a Conservative Streetlights blackout in Harlow looks to be reaching a crescendo as a petition is presented to both local authorities urging the lights to be switched back on.

Parliamentary candidate Suzy Stride has collected a petition of approximately 1500 signatures calling for Harlow’s Streetlights to be turned back on.

The petition has been handed to Essex County Council but also to Leader of Harlow District Council, Jon Clempner.

Streetlights in Harlow were turned off in some streets in early 2014 by Conservative controlled Essex County Council in a cost saving measure. The switch off necessitated a new management system for the lighting which it later emerged cost more than £8m, meaning no saving will be made by the switch off for years to come.

Harlow’s blackout is opposed by groups such as the AA who claim it has increased the number of car crashes in the area.

Lobbying from figures such as Suzy Stride has led the national Labour party to advocate local authorities switching to low energy LED lighting rather than plunging the local area in darkness by night time switch offs.

Suzy Stride said;

“Its 6 months since I started my campaign to get the streetlights turned back on in Harlow. During this time Essex County Council has twice refused to re-consider its decision. So, today not only am I handing my petition into Essex County Council, I am also handing it in to the leader of Harlow Council Jon Clempner.”

“Across Harlow people are calling for their lights to be switched back on and for peace of mind to be restored. This switch off has cost money in the short term and won’t even break even for a number of years. “

Streetlights in Harlow should be turned back on as a matter of urgency and I urge the relevant authorities to act.”

Cllr Jon Clempner said;

“While it is clearly Essex County Council that is responsible for turning off Street Lights in Harlow, this petition, along with many conversations with residents, and the budget consultation that Harlow Council conducted last year, demonstrates the strength of feeling of local people. I will continue to explore what can be done to address these concerns”.

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1 Comment for Harlow Labour’s streetlight campaign gathers momentum:

2015-01-21 09:12:45

Keep them OFF! Save the planet. Drive safer in the dark, or be in bed at a normal time, if you have a crash racing around a country road will no lights be blamed? People should not be going fast enough to crash in town, and perhaps should never have got their driving license in the first place.

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