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Politics / Thu 15th Jan 2015 at 03:29pm

An open letter from Harlow UKIPWould it be nice to be decongested in 2015

“During the last year I must have spent pounds on fuel sitting on congested Harlow roads due to the ludicrous use of bus lanes and as if this what not bad enough they installed traffic lights in the middle of these bus lanes so that the main stream traffic has to sit in the queue twice. Essex County Council and Harlow Council traffic engineers should be ashamed at creating such major congestion and inconvenience on the road for the citizens on all major entries and exits to our town.

“I think I speak for the majority of people that sit and watch the mainly empty buses and taxis pass them. We should demand that a major reversal of this disastrous traffic management system we have had imposed on the community of Harlow. Such measures are bound to reduce congestion, the amounts of fuel used, improve flow and allow the town to be attractive to citizens and businesses. Let’s face it nobody wants to pay someone to sit in a car on congested roads.

“If you feel as strong about this issues as I do then express your support for a campaign to get improvement to our road networks.

Visit our website or tweet us your views.


Sam Stopplecamp
UKIP Parliamentary candidate for Harlow Constituency

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