Gloves are off as Suzy Stride slams “Hypocrite Halfon” over Harlow streetlights

Politics / Mon 19th Jan 2015 at 10:10am

IF YOU were in any doubt that we were in general election mode then just have a look at our interview with the Labour candidate for Harlow, Suzy Stride.

On Saturday morning, in a flurry of snow, we caught up with Suzy in Northbrooks as she was out campaigning.

Ms Stride was in ebullient and some might say, feisty mood as we discussed the news that Harlow Council has put together a package that, if accepted, could see the lights come back on in Harlow.

However, Ms Stride had some harsh words for the Harlow MP, Robert Halfon.

No doubt, to be continued.

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2 Comments for Gloves are off as Suzy Stride slams “Hypocrite Halfon” over Harlow streetlights:

2015-01-19 15:40:07

The actual facts of this are that all three Council Group Leaders wrote to Essex demanding the street lights be turned back on. We'll find out soon how much Labour Harlow Council will increase Council Tax to give Suzy her "Political Victory". However, we in UKIP agree it was a stupid policy to turn these lights off - and technology like solar should have been looked at as a sensible solution. However, who got the Country into this financial mess Ms.Stride? Why Brown and Blair and the Labour party - who are also advocating cuts in spending she's complaining about!

2015-01-19 19:35:41

Fait accompli! The Labour controlled council was always going to send Harlow tax payers money down to Chelmsford to give the impression of a "political victory". What will have to be sacrificed for this stunt? No doubt the lights will be on around May for the election and as the nights become lighter.

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