Mark Hall’s first student parliament quiz Labour’s Suzy Stride

Education: Secondary / Wed 11th Feb 2015 at 04:36pm

Mark HallSUZY Stride, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow met with members of Mark Hall student parliament this week to find out what changes that want to see in Harlow.

The budding politicians act as a bridge between students and staff and a voice for students to make improvements to their community and learning. Students are elected by their peers on to the body.

Some of the main issues that students brought up with Suzy were; improved buses, street lights, youth facilities, traffic lights, potholes and the NHS.

Suzy Stride said:

“It was great to meet inspiring student leaders at Mark Hall School, its was so exciting to see how they are already bringing change to their school but also to hear about the changes they want to see across Harlow. It is exactly initiatives like this that raise aspirations of Harlow young people, but also which help build the skills they need for the future I am quite sure there were some future politicians sitting around the table”

Paris Harvey-Venables – 16, Student said:

“It was good to have Suzy at our school, we really enjoyed hearing about how she grew up and her journey into politics. She really broke the stereotype, when I think of parliament I think of people that are snobby and upper class, but Suzy is so down to earth and normal. She was really inspiring as she is someone from a normal background and now she is a leader”

Corinne Franceschi, Principal , Mark Hall Academy said:

“The Student Parliament helps our students build the skills they need, it also promotes the student voice across the school as well as their leadership skills. Every skill they build through the project they can use as they go out into society. It was wonderful to have Suzy stride come in, she really inspired our students.”

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