Review: Harlow Playhouse audience in ecstasy over T.Rextasy

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T.Rextasy at the Harlow Playhouse. Feb 13th.

BEING a tribute act is easy. Being a good tribute act is tough and being an excellent tribute act is a rare talent indeed.

T.Rextasy take being a tribute act onto a completely different plain. They have been playing the music of Marc Bolan for over twenty years.

In that time, they, perhaps like no other act, have become entwined into the culture and legacy of the music and image of Marc Bolan. It is no surprise to see them endorsed by such luminaries as producer Tony Visconti and former members of T.Rex.

Led by Danielz, the band start their concert at the Harlow Playhouse playing a few lesser known (or at least lesser known to non-fans). The first thing, this reviewer noticed was how tight the band was, with a powerhouse drummer in John Skelton in commanding form.

After a few number, they slip into an acoustic session, the highlight being a perfect Cosmic Dancer.

Soon, it was hit time and boy can they pay tribute to the big hits. There is a joy in the way they play Telegram Sam and Jeepster. It was at this time, that the packed audience started to cut loose, get off the seats and dance.

The only blip in the first half was a malfunctioning guitar that needed a little attention. But even then, Danielz made a nice point; “No backing discs eh?!”

The second half was one of unadulterated T Rex celebration with the highlight being a wonderful extended Get It On. This must have been up to ten minutes long and not only pad homage to the song but brought it bang up today.

What this concert also brought out how Marc Bolan linked fifties rock and roll with punk. It was no wonder that his last year was seen championing punk and new wave in 1977.

It was great to see members of the audience dressed up as well as enjoying themselves so much.

A wonderful concert.

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