Suzy Stride and Labour call for talks on traffic chaos in Harlow

Politics / Fri 20th Feb 2015 at 04:58pm

SUZY Stride, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow and local county councillors Karen Clempner, Mike Danvers and Tony Durcan have written to the County Leader Cllr David Finch asking for an urgent meeting about the state of Harlow roads and the congestion it is causing.

Suzy and Local councillors believe because of the cuts made in expenditure the County is failing to manage the projects it has embarked upon properly hence the lengthy delays around Harlow.

In particular at the meeting they want to draw attention to:

1. The road works at the Clock Tower that have now been extended well into the summer months. The excuse given was as an unidentified gas pipe.

2. The lengthy hold ups at Bush Fair just while some minor traffic signing work has been carried out

3. The recent lengthy hold ups at Abercombie Way for similar reasons

4. The failure to address the faulty traffic light timing problem along the bus lane on Second Avenue

They are also very concerned about the management of future round-a-bout projects that the County have pencilled in. They had hoped that lessons would be learned from the lengthy road works recently at the station round-a-bout which took nearly a year to complete.

Suzy Stride said “Everyone knows that there has been chaos on our roads in Harlow over the last few weeks because of these roadwork’s. The Leader of Essex County Council needs to stop prevaricating and get round the table to hear the concerns that residents have about these ongoing and overrunning roadwork’s that are making people’s commutes a misery and damaging our town”

Cllr Mike Danvers said “ We have repeatedly claimed that Essex have taken their eye off the ball and are not supervising road works with any sense of urgency. This is leading to traffic chaos in Harlow and damaging the local economy. How will Harlow be able to attract new business and employment opportunities when prospective new companies see this continued chaos on Harlow’s roads.”

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