Live at the Playhouse: Interview with Nick Dixon

News / Wed 4th Mar 2015 at 05:31pm

Live at the Playhouse

By Siobhan Wood

LIVE at the Playhouse returns to Harlow Playhouse on Friday 6th March following a sold-out November show with another brilliant line-up of top TV comedians.

The critically acclaimed comedians who will be performing include: Damian Clark, Mick Ferry, Raymond & Mr Timpkins Revue and Nick Dixon.

Mark Olver will be compering the evening which combines deadpan, alternative and observational humour and is sure to please all comedy fans.

YH spoke to Nick Dixon about the show and his comedy career so far.

You reached the final of Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year after only performing stand up for three months – do you feel success has happened quickly or were you planning a long time before you started actually doing it?

I was in that final, and the final of So You Think You’re Funny?, which has a great tradition with people like Peter Kay and Lee Mack winning it in the past.

I did progress quite quickly when I started, mainly because I was starting a bit later than many, having utterly wasted most of my 20s. Also, I had literally nothing else in my life.

Competitions are a nice boost, but in the long run comedy is more about sitting in a hotel room in Preston having just bombed at a gig, going ‘What am I doing with my life?’ ‘Why are these pillows so high?’ ‘I missed Match of the Day for this,’ etc.

Why should people come and see Live at the Playhouse?

Because it’s a great bill and there’s no substitute for live comedy. It’s brilliant that there’s so much stand up on TV, but hopefully that will inspire people to see it live rather than just stay at home. Live comedy is spontaneous and sometimes even magical. Or so they tell me. Personally I hate it.

Do you prefer playing clubs or theatres?

I like both. Theatres are good because often you can’t see the crowd’s faces very well, which I prefer. I don’t want to look at people. Plus they tend to laugh more when it’s darker. I think it should always be pitch black. In fact can I just stay in bed?

Do you get stage fright?

Not so much these days, maybe if I’m doing new material or a TV recording or something. To be honest I get less nervous doing comedy than I do in real life situations, like driving on busy roads, going on a date, or performing heart surgery with absolutely no qualifications.

Do you have any good luck rituals before shows?

I take out a photo of Preston and tell myself ‘At least you’re not in Preston.’ If I actually AM in Preston I take out a gun and shoot myself. Just kidding, I love Preston.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start doing stand-up comedy?

Just get onstage and try it a few times. It’s not as scary as you think. But then you have to keep going and not make excuses, like taking ‘time off’, or having a ‘life’.

People always come up and say ‘I couldn’t do what you do – I couldn’t get up onstage.’ But that’s the one bit they could do. What they couldn’t do is write jokes, be funny every night, and make no money for years. Or cope with lying awake all night in a hotel room in, say, Preston.

Tickets are available at www.harlowplayhouse.com or by calling the Box Office on 01279 431 945.

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