Burnt Mill top “First Preference” table but why do so few parents want their children to go to Mark Hall?

News / Fri 6th Mar 2015 at 12:27pm

OVER 300 parents put Burnt Mill Academy as their first choice of school in the bid for year seven places in September 2015.

There was also good news for two other schools in Harlow who also saw their first preference numbers rise.

There were 313 first preference bids for Burnt Mill (up on 269 in 2014). Followed by 252 for Passmores (down on 269 in 2014. Stewards saw 219 first preferences (up on 187) and St Marks saw 123 (up on 88 in 2014).

However, the stats, once again, make grim reading for Mark Hall Academy.

Last year, many were shocked, that a school that was, for many years seen as the elite school of Harlow had only 30 first preference bids. Sadly, things have not changed, as this year they have also received just thirty bids.

This, coupled with the news that Burnt Mill are offering places to students at their sister school in Stansted Mountfitchet, may have huge implications for the future of Mark Hall.

Figures for Harlow district below –

1st preference – 72.98%
2nd preference – 10.20%
3rd preference – 3.89%
4th preference – 2.42%
5th preference – 1.05%
6th preference – 0.00%

9.46% offered none of their preferences and thus the nearest school with space was offered.

No of 1st Preferences for each school:

Burnt Mill Academy – 313
Mark Hall Academy – 30
Passmores Academy – 252
Stewards Academy – 219
St Mark Catholic – 123

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1 Comment for Burnt Mill top “First Preference” table but why do so few parents want their children to go to Mark Hall?:

2015-03-06 14:10:23

I went to see Mark Hall with my son and was very impressed with the Head and the progress that it is making. When it came to submitting our preferences we very nearly put it top but eventually chose Passmores first and Mark Hall second as Passmores is nearer to us. I do believe that Mark Hall will be a top school in Harlow very soon but unfortunately due to the SAT's results parents are still a bit worried to commit. I am sure this will be different next year when hopefully the results will improve again. Everyone I know with children at Mark Hall are very pleased with it and if we had been awarded this school we would have been perfectly happy for our son to attend here.

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