Injunctions with named travellers now in place all across Harlow

Politics / Tue 10th Mar 2015 at 03:12pm

OrdersHarlow Council is placing interim injunction orders on land across Harlow as part of a town-wide ban on unauthorised traveller encampments.

THIS week around 2,500 orders are being served on 321 vulnerable sites incorporating playing fields, highway verges, cycle tracks, car parks, garage sites, school sites, industrial areas and some private land. These 321 sites amount to 454 parcels of land.

The injunction granted by the High Court to Harlow Council and Essex County Council last Tuesday (3 March 2015) bans 35 names travellers from setting up encampments anywhere in Harlow and bans persons unknown from setting up encampments on the 320 vulnerable sites and 134 parcels of land.

The serving of the orders is a legal requirement but it also informs anyone setting up an unauthorised encampment that there is a High Court injunction on the land.

The order and supporting documents can be read and viewed by the public and although the Council will take photos of each document pack on site, it is asking residents to ensure they put them back. The Council is also aware that some may get displaced by weather conditions.

A hearing for a full injunction will take place later in the year.

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