Nishall’s Blog: Life is sweet but it can be short..

Politics / Tue 10th Mar 2015 at 02:56pm

OVER the past year I have know of many people who have died at a very young age, so today’s blog is slightly different, I am not going to about why life is too short but to encourage the little things we talk about and do.

Life is too short to debate if you should, or should not send that note from your heart.

Life is too short to forgo that small brownie square calling your name.

Life is too short to get upset over cold fast food French Fries.

With one life to live here on earth one must learn to pick the right battles. Time passes by way too fast to let smiles and hugs go undelivered. Our journey is meant to be a trip filled with peace and unity.

It is so easy to get lost in the future along with endlessly dragging around our past. Constant worrying about the future, and over analyzing the past will not bring us contentment; in fact both bring on fear and regret.

God sends us greetings of peace, and unity to help us along the way.

God sends the kind of peace that is peaceful, untroubled, and tranquil.

God sends the type of unity that reveals a close union of fellowship and harmony united with God.

Life is too short to not light the candles, to not run out and look for the rainbow, to not do the things you want to do.

We have but one life, one journey, live it!

You only live once!!

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