Roydon pupils develop a love for Shakespeare

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Shakespeare Roydon
David Baker, of West End in Schools, also spent a day working with the whole school to create a play in a day – teaching each class one of seven sections of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

He said: “Each group was told the story so they knew where their part fitted in. It is much easier for children of this age to learn these stories by physically acting them out. They can delve deeper into the characters and the language when they are a bit older, but to have an awareness and understanding of Shakespeare as early as this is wonderful. Rather than waiting until they are studying Shakespeare at GCSE, they are being introduced to it and learning to love it before they explore its depths.”

Laura Spring, Year 3 teacher who organised the week’s events, said: “We like to encourage reading for pleasure, so do lots of fun things around reading to get them passionate about it.

“Our Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils all study Shakespeare so they develop a love of it, rather than the potential of seeing it as a chore when they hit secondary school.”

The week culminated in a dress-up day, with pupils and teachers dressing as a Shakespeare character.

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