Saving lives on Kidney Awareness Day

Communities / Tue 17th Mar 2015 at 02:07pm

LIVES are at risk throughout Britain from unrecognised kidney disease. As part of a drive to increase awareness and treatment for it, the Lister Area Kidney Patients’ Association (LAKPA) ran stands at Princess Alexandra Hospital and the Lister at Stevenage on World Kidney Day, 12th March.

Andrew Bullen, LAKPA’s chairman, said this initiative coincides with World Kidney Day, and effort here supports a worldwide drive to bring to the attention of millions of unknown sufferers how to obtain diagnosis and help. People living in Hertfordshire and Bedford have it immediately available. They have only to ask.

In addition, staff and patients at the Lister Hospital dialysis unit “went purple” to celebrate WKD on the same day.
Dr Suresh, clinical lead for Renal services at the Lister Hospital, providing specialist care for over 1,000 patients with various levels of kidney dysfunction, said: “Chronic kidney disease is common, affecting over 3 million people in the UK. However, it can go undetected as people often have no symptoms, although people with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, a family history and those from certain ethnic groups, have a higher risk.

Kidney AwarenessThe good news is that depending on the problem, early detection, changes in lifestyle and a healthy diet can often slow down the progression of the disease, delaying the possible need for dialysis or transplantation.”

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