Books broaden the mind

Lifestyle / Mon 23rd Mar 2015 at 06:33pm

Halfon BookBY Head Boy at St Marks School, Sam Hufton

ON Thursday 5th March, our local MP Robert Halfon came to visit St Mark’s. I myself was happy to hear this, as I had met Mr Halfon before and enjoyed the way he spoke and discussed his thoughts.

Though we’d never spoken about books, I was looking forward to hearing what he had to say. As well as what books meant to him, both now and growing up, he also told us about particular books which had a lasting impact on him, and how he keeps many books at home.

We got the impression through Mr Halfon’s talk that one of the keys to better understanding of the world is books, especially when thinking about other people, their ways of doing things, their motivations and ambitions.

Ross Baldwin, 18, a literature student himself, said how he “found it very informative and interesting”. One of the highlights of this event was the realisation that one of people’s favourite things to do with books, having read them, is to discuss them and what they thought about them.

In the end, no matter how far we go in society, there’s nothing like a good book.

We thank Mr Halfon for taking the time to speak to us, hope he comes back and wish him all the luck in the coming trials and tribulations.

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