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Lifestyle / Mon 30th Mar 2015 at 10:21am

By Olivia Bekiki

Two more months to go and my life as a university student will be over, but, am I ready to start a brand new life as a new graduate?

Three years have gone by, and now that it is almost done, I cannot believe how fast it went. All the core modules have been taught, I have gained numerous skills and when I thought the stress was about to finish I realise that it hasn’t even started!

The stress of getting into the ‘real world’ makes me feel very anxious- to say the least. Here I am seated on my black couch in my living room with a cup of tea thinking to myself: ‘Do I start applying for jobs now? Am I ready to tackle the Journalism industry?’. It is all confusion in my head…

Seeing many of my friends graduating without being able to obtain a job related to their studies makes me realise the reality of post-graduation meltdowns and I wonder what I should do to ‘step up the game’. Is it a lack of motivation? A lack of determination? What is certain is that there is an issue somewhere.

23-year-old Rebecca Ogunmola, who graduated last summer said finding a job related to her studies has been harder than she ever imagined. She said: “Once I submitted my dissertation as well as my other university assignments, I began to apply for jobs which were journalism related I searched for six months non-stop, unfortunately I never heard back! Due to lack of funds I found myself obliged to work as a Sales Advisor.”

Many newly graduates fail to find a concrete career path leading them into working undesired jobs. Speaking to 35-year-old science lecturer in Lille, Rene Conboy, regarding the matter he mentioned that consistency is of paramount importance. He said: “Back in the days when I graduated, it took me eight months to obtain a science related job. A lot of newly graduates nowadays lack consistency. They tend to give up too quickly and that’s where the issue is. I advise them to never give up, to keep on applying for their desired jobs until obtention of their desired jobs. Nothing comes easy!”

Conboy’s words made me feel more realistic about my approach towards the ‘real world’. The probability for newly graduates to obtain their dream job straight after the completion of their degree is very small. However, consistency, motivation and patience are fundamental skills for newly graduates in order to be professionally happy.

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