“My mistake” Harlow UKIP councillor regrets nominating English Democrat candidate

Politics / Mon 13th Apr 2015 at 10:45am

By Steve Rigby and Liam Freeman

A HARLOW UKIP councillor said today that he regrets nominating a member of an opposing party.

Bush Fair councillor, Dan Long, confessed that nominating a member of the English Democratic party was a mistake.

When asked about the situation, Councillor Long said: “We believe in democracy, everyone can go out there and show what they’re made of.

“I made a mistake, it’s definitely a mistake.”

Councillor Long continued to say that he doesn’t believe the English Democrat candidate will get elected.

YH then spoke to the UKIP candidate for Harlow, Sam Stopplecamp. He said: “I have no problems with one of our members nominating the English Democratic candidate.

“We would be happy with any party standing. The fact that other parties like Labour and the Tories say they would expel colleagues sums them up.”

YH will be contacting all candidates for the General Election to ask for a reaction to this story.

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3 Comments for “My mistake” Harlow UKIP councillor regrets nominating English Democrat candidate:

2015-04-13 15:52:57

Rather a non story. Over the years I think there is probably an incident of this every single year. Tory members nominating Labour, Labour nominating Lib Dems, Lib.Dems nominating Tories and just about every combination you can think of. Signing a nomination form means nothing apart from allowing a candidate to stand - and those nominating have no obligation to vote for a candidate they nominate. Sometimes candidates are far from honest about what they are asking people to sign. I remember two elections ago a Conservative member breaking down in tears because they had signed the BNP form. This has only come to light because Dan is a Councillor, and is a well known name. His mother and father are both UKIP candidates this election. Frankly, as he says himself - the more people that stand for election the better the potential options for residents - and the healthier our democracy!

2015-04-13 15:55:07

Also let's remember political friendships sometimes cross the political divide - after all Enoch Powell's best friend in politics was.....Labour's Tony Benn!

2015-04-15 07:26:28

Cllr Long has only helped overcome a bureaucratic hurdle offering residents of Harlow more choice. I have seen Cllr numerous times over the last week campaigning for Sam Stopplecamp and his mum in Bush Fair.

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