Is it time to take the “P” out of UKIP?

Politics / Fri 17th Apr 2015 at 02:02pm

NOW, he who is without sin, should then cast the first stone….and if we had a penny for every typo we made then we would be very rich people. However, we had to smile when the UKIP leaflet for Sam Stopplecamp fell on the Your Harlow mat.

It looks like an extra P has been added to the affable american’s surname.

This may not be a vote change but it may not help Sam pass his eleven-plus!

Needless to say, this mistake was noticed by a former St Mark’s student, who was educated at the feet of Mrs Pieris. However, he mislaid the election leaflet. It was retrieved by a former Passmores student. It was in the tray marked ‘Politics”. She muttered something about the university of life…..


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13 Comments for Is it time to take the “P” out of UKIP?:

2015-04-17 15:44:53

Actually it's an extra P - that we in UKIP are taking out of our opponents! Grin!

2015-04-18 08:40:37

The three Ps in Stopppelcamp leaflet: Piss Poor Performance

2015-04-18 09:14:49

Must be a quiet weekend for the spelling/grammar police,a chance to make a change to this country and derogatory comments from a group who belong in a different age,it all goes to show the apathy that riddles this town with the core Labour voters being pensioners,bennie scroungers,and the ones who's parents always voted labour,tories doing nothing about immigration but hey we got fuel duty down and looked after the city boys while the deficit grew,i know who i am voting for.

2015-04-19 11:12:11

No one wants to hear the opinion of the TUC - a political organisation, that by law is meant to be politically neutral. Yet it is backing Labour - despite moving a motion of no confidence in the parliamentary candidate! As well as running around telling lies about UKIP and trying to intimidate people who are helping UKIP, or thinking of helping and supporting UKIP! I'm sure they are really proud of themselves. I wonder if the nasty lying leaflets will appear as a Labour election expense?!

tony durcan
2015-04-19 11:30:26

I get the impression Harlow TUC have hit a nerve with UKIP. For the record Harlow TUC is and will remain independent of any political grouping. Let remember the original article was a light hearted comment,let's not lose sight of the UKIP common sense approach boys. Nasty is not an option

2015-04-19 12:07:46

I understand Tony's point however the way Harlow TUC had put that comment across sounded like a target to UKIP to me. Also Tony please remember that women are on this site too not just "boys" as you had put it.

tony durcan
2015-04-19 12:38:27

Happy to be corrected but the only people who had taken part in this original light hearted discussions were males,reminding them of the original intention of the piece. Which was that UKIP didn't check out the leaflet correctly ,which does beg the question coukd you trust them with any policy document if they can't even get this right. However happy to apologise if any offence was caused to those who sent in responses

2015-04-19 13:12:15

It is clearly a typo, it is a very easy mistake to make, look at your last statement, "coukd" it can literally happen to anybody and not just UKI. At the end of the day we are all human and we all make mimistakes.

2015-04-19 13:14:35

even happens to me, I guess that's where the third P came from he stole it off my last comment ;)

tony durcan
2015-04-19 14:29:54

Please to say my error wasn't printed and sent out to thousands of home,with no checking first,at least we're having a respectful chat.

2015-04-19 15:49:37

I am not one to argue or have debates over something so small, I generally laugh at my own mistakes and move on, nothing I can do will change what has happened, I can only try not to make the same mistakes twice :-)

2015-04-20 14:43:50

Firstly, if you think Harlow TUC has no political bias Tony - look at the Mark Hall By Election coverage on their blog - full of anti-UKIP comments and slurs. Not to mention some pretty choice language. Secondly it may interest you to know that that paragon of political virtue Hilary Clinton put out a press release announcing her latest run for US President with the line "fought children and families her whole life" - missing out the word "for" at the beginning! So you going to suggest a US Secretary of State isn't fit to run for presidential election now are you? See how ridiculous your position is now Tony. Plus I suspect you've left yourself open to any spelling mistake Labour ever make, to calls to resign, or questions of suitability for election! Not so fun now is it, this cheap political point scoring!

2015-04-20 14:45:33

Anyone actually considered re-reading the first line of this article.....

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