Election 2015: Green candidate questions Robert Halfon’s voting record

Politics / Tue 21st Apr 2015 at 11:24am

Dear Editor,

AS Robert Halfon manages to afford large adverts on a weekly basis, via a questionable funding source, one could argue that opinion gleaned from the papers, is somewhat skewed in his favour.

In an effort to balance things out a bit, can it be asked why, if he votes in the interests of Harlow all the time, Harlow people have benefitted from the following division choices …

Voted for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits
Voted against raising welfare benefits at least in line with prices
Voted against equal gay rights
Voted against allowing marriage between two people of same sex
Voted against laws to promote equality and human rights
Voted for replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system
Voted for reducing housing benefit for social tenants deemed to have excess bedrooms (the “bedroom tax”)
Voted against spending public money to create guaranteed jobs for young people who have spent a long time unemployed
Voted against increasing the tax rate applied to income over £150,000
Voted against a banker’s bonus tax
Voted against an annual tax on the value of expensive homes (popularly known as a mansion tax)
Voted for allowing employees to exchange some employment rights for shares in the company they work for
Voted for raising England’s undergraduate tuition fee cap to £9,000 per year
Voted for Academy Schools
Voted for ending financial support for some 16-19 year olds in training and further education
Voted for reducing central government funding of local government
Voted against slowing the rise in rail fares
Voted for selling England’s state owned forests
Voted for the privatisation of Royal Mail
Voted for restricting the scope of legal aid
Voted against restrictions on fees charged to tenants by letting agents

Best regards
Murray Sackwild
PPC Green Party

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