Labour’s Suzy Stride campaign “powered by the people” as they power the Harlow streets

Politics / Sun 26th Apr 2015 at 03:02pm

Suzy SaturdayIT DID seem that there were Labour campaigners in every nook and cranny of Harlow.

We should know as we do get about a bit as well!

Scores of volunteers from Harlow Labour party pounded the streets on Saturday spreading the message about their candidate for the General Election, now less than two weeks away.

More than 70 volunteers spoke to approximately 1000 local residents, asking them to back Suzy Stride, Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Harlow.

In a special campaign “Super Saturday” themed around the NHS, Labour’s volunteers went to each corner of the town and surrounding villages to speak to voters, finishing up at Harlow Town Football Club where the volunteers, Councillors and Suzy Stride cheered on the town’s football club in their final game of the season against Thamesmead Town FC and handed out leaflets to football fans.

At one point there were so many volunteers that the group had to assemble outside of Labour’s headquarters at Flex Meadow for their morning briefing, where Suzy Stride delivered a rallying speech about what’s at stake on 7th May.

Suzy Stride said;

“It’s fantastic to see so many volunteers of all ages and from all walks of life coming together to press for a Labour MP for Harlow. From teenagers to pensioners to young mums with their toddlers, all of them joined us on the doorstep this weekend to make the case for change, to fight for our NHS, more affordable homes, to tackle low pay and to stand on the side of working people in Harlow.

“Our campaign is community led and powered by people, we received a great response from more than 1000 residents we spoke to and we’ll be increasing our efforts over the next week and a half to make sure everybody in Harlow knows the difference a Labour MP will make in Harlow. There’s so much at stake for Harlow in this election, we’re going to throw everything at it”

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2 Comments for Labour’s Suzy Stride campaign “powered by the people” as they power the Harlow streets:

tony durcan
2015-04-26 15:36:26

This has been the best campaign I have been involved with to date. There is real energy and motivation in the town for change.

2015-04-29 15:28:25

Indeed there is motivation for change Tony - and very much away from Labour! Presumably this explains the nasty attacks on UKIP - because if you were really confident - you wouldn't be slinging the lies and insults about. Everyone knows that the first one to start with the insults, has lost the argument!

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