Ward by ward: Great Parndon: Time for the Tory bounce?

Politics / Sun 26th Apr 2015 at 04:40pm

NOW this is an interesting one. In May,2014, UKIP won this seat polling 674 votes. It was a shock. Probably the person shocked most was the UKIP candidate. Terry Spooner has now stood down which means there are two seats available here. Does that mean UKIP could win two seats?

UKIP certainly have two strong candidates in Chris Staunton and Sam Stopplecamp. Chris is one of the UKIP activists who has certainly worked hard for the party to establish a foothold in the town. Whilst Sam (who is also the General Election candidate has also proven an entertaining and personable politician.

They may just suffer from a double dose of personal favourites. The other sitting candidate is David Carter. David has been a credit to the Conservative Party and is one its most industrious councillors in the town. He was a real ambassador for the ward when it came to the traveller situation and has a deft and considerate touch to his ward work.

He may be also helped by the Halfon factor. There may be many voters who may think that now is not the time for protest votes and now is the time to get behind the Conservatives.

The other Conservative candidate is Shona Johnson, wife of the leader of the Conservative group, Andrew Johnson.

The Labour candidates, Stefan Mullard and Daniella Johnson, may not be strong enough to advance enough from last years poll to take it.


Prediction: Cons gain and Cons hold.

Name of Candidate

David Carter (Cons)
Shona Johnson (Cons)
Stefan Mullard (Lab)
Daniella Pritchard (Lab)
Sam Stopplecamp (UKIP)
Chris Staunton (UKIP)

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2015-04-27 09:29:55

A fair analysis, but possibly too much of an assumption that people will be partisan. I can accept that will be the case in the General election as it is nationally a very close race, but not so sure it will be as profound in the local election.

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