Harlow MP Robert Halfon praises “Worker’s Budget”

Politics / Wed 8th Jul 2015 at 02:08pm

Harlow MP: This is a workers budget – a budget for jobs, apprenticeships, lower taxes and higher wages

Harlow MP Robert Halfon has welcomed the budget today as good news for Harlow residents, with more jobs, more apprenticeships, lower taxes and higher wages.

Robert Halfon said:

“Today’s budget is good for Harlow jobs, good for Harlow apprentices, good for Harlow workers, good for Harlow businesses, good for Harlow lower earners and good for the most vulnerable. The new living wage, and tax cuts for the lower paid will be a huge boost to Harlow workers.

“A budget for workers. It continues to freeze fuel duty to help those who own a car, cuts taxes for those on the minimum wage, ensures a living wage for the lowest earners.”

“Among the proposals put forward by the government are plans to double the amount of free childcare that three and four year olds receive to 30 hours a week.”

A budget for higher wages. I have campaigned passionately for a long time for a strong minimum wage, a living wage and lower taxes for lower earners. The new living wage for Harlow residents will reach £9 an hour by 2020. Those currently on the minimum wage will see their pay rise by over a third in the next five years. This will be a cash increase for a full time worker of over £5,000.”

In addition to support for working parents, the Chancellor announced that the threshold at which lower earners start paying income tax will rise to £11,000 a year. Taxes will be cut for 29 million people.

A Budget for jobs and businesses. The Chancellor has set the goal of full employment with two million more jobs this Parliament.

Harlow businesses will have their tax cut, with the Employment Allowance rising to 50 per cent so a firm will be able to employ 4 people full time on the new National Living Wage and pay no national insurance at all.

The cut in national insurance for businesses will enable them to employ more people and a cut in corporation tax to 18% by 2020 will allow businesses to grow.”

“A Budget for apprenticeships, There will be a new apprenticeship levy to help create 3 million more apprentices.

“A budget to protect the vulnerable. Pensions will be protected, key disability benefits protected, an extra £8 billion for the NHS, and increased funding for domestic abuse victims and women’s refuge centres.

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1 Comment for Harlow MP Robert Halfon praises “Worker’s Budget”:

2015-07-14 15:13:05

Blimey! Anyone would think he was a cheerleader for the Tory Government! Hang on - he is! How about ensuring all jobs in the UK are advertised in UK job centres, not on EU job portals? How about raising the personal allowance to at least £13.5k to take the minimum waged out of tax altogether? As one Tory MP said "It's a great job for workers - Polish workers!" (see Guido Fawkes!)

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