Early Doors: Trebles all round for brilliant show

Harlow Playhouse / Tue 14th Jul 2015 at 12:10pm

Review of Early Doors
At the Red Lion Pub in Potter Street
By Harry Tennison

GIVEN government cuts, many theatre companies have turned, rather than creating new shows for audiences to come and watch, to taking the new shoes to the audiences themselves. Not Too Tame are one such company, and their production of Early Doors at The Red Lion in Potter Street, Harlow, proved a truly fantastic evening.

A rowing brother and sister decide to take over the pub left to them by their recently deceased mother, with their disagreements proving the only real error for them given the full tables waiting for the show to begin! Over the course of the hour, the audience has the opportunity to learn about the various locals and bar workers, all of whom they have already had the opportunity to mingle with prior to the beginning of the performance.

From a hilarious pub quiz which descends from general knowledge to giving the addresses of the quiz masters enemies, to the sexual advances of a particularly camp bar man, the acting of the entire ensemble cast is sublime. Each actor knew exactly what they had to, yet making it seem entirely effortless.

The script itself ran without fault, echoing elements of Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers in its lyrical quality and personable tone. Demonstrated through a combination of speech, song and physical performance, the cast kept the pace well to make an hour seem like five minutes.

For the man who sat across from me who claimed to be seeing the show since it was “something different”, I warn him to get used to this. Not Too Tame have put on a truly excellent show, streamlined and sublime, which, with a bit of luck, will cement them on their way to becoming one of the most fun and enjoyable companies out there, especially as we see such a substantial change in theatre.

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