Robert Halfon looks for your views on Jct 7a of M11

Politics / Thu 16th Jul 2015 at 05:49pm

THE MP for Harlow has issued a statement about the proposals for a new Junction on the M11 between Junctions 7 and 8.

Robert Halfon said:

“One thing that everyone is united on is that we need a new M11 Junction.

A new junction would dramatically decrease the amount of traffic, make it easier for people to get to and from work, increase property prices, boost our enterprise zone and unlock Harlow’s economic potential as the best place to do business in the East of England.

It is estimated that some roads will see an 80% reduction in the number of vehicles passing through each day by 2036.

It is vital is that this is not the end of the consultation process. There will be many important consultations to come and key consultations will continue into 2016, and planning inquiries, so it is vital that residents get their views to me.

There are three questions:

1. Where should the extra Junction be?

2. What will be the impact on local residents, particularly those affected in Old Harlow?

3. Will sufficient infrastructure be built that can deal with the consequences of an extra road?

It is welcome that Essex County Council are planning to address existing congestion over the next two to three years, having received £50 million of government funding last December to improve the Junction around the M11.

In terms of Junction 7a, the revised proposals include significant improvements to the infrastructure at the A414/A1184, First Avenue and Second Avenue roundabouts. There are also to be new traffic light controlled Junctions at River Way/A1184 Cambridge road and at the Enterprise Zone.

Significantly there is also a long term ambition to relieve pressure on Junction 7 and the A414 through the long -term building of a northern bypass.

I welcome that Essex County Council are imposing a series of restrictions on HGVs entering Old Harlow via Station Road, Mulberry Green and London Road. There also will be improved access for buses, pedestrians and cyclists.

However, I recognise that whilst these measures are important: steps – there remain serious and justifiable concerns from Old Harlow residents about the proposals, particularly regarding infrastructure, noise, traffic and air pollution.

Given the potential impact of any new Junction, my duty is to represent fully the views of Old Harlow residents, alongside those of residents across the town. All the consultations must answer fully the three questions above.

I would urge all residents to put forward their views about the consultation to me via [email protected], which I will faithfully represent to Essex County Council.”

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