Diversity week celebrates families which make up a Harlow school’s community.

Communities / Sat 18th Jul 2015 at 06:35am

Diversity at FreshFRESHWATERS Primary Academy, in School Lane, held its first Diversity Week to help children to understand the differences between the families and communities around them.

Each class discussed family trees before creating their own, demonstrating no two families are the same.

The topics of culture, race and religion were also discussed to show how these factors make each person unique.

A whole school assembly looked at the influences other cultures have on Britain, from food to clothes, while Year 6 looked at stereotypes and discrimination.

Marios Solomonides, head of school, said: “It is especially important in today’s political climate to give children opportunities to identify the similarities and differences between them. No child is born racist or judgemental in any way. Society changes some people and it’s our job, along with our families, to make sure our pupils grow up to be not just tolerant of others, but to actively celebrate them.”

A Parent Champion also shared their culture with pupils, nursery children looked at the lives of others around the world and Year 2 children studied the diversity of their own fingerprints.

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