Harlow Labour make their choices for national leader

Politics / Wed 22nd Jul 2015 at 11:56am

THE Harlow Labour group have made their selection for who they would like to see as the next leader of the national Labour Party.

Meeting at the weekend, the group has gone for Andy Burnham for leader and Stella Creasy for deputy leader.

Both candidates visited Harlow over the election campaign.

YH understands that it was not unanimous with councillors such as Waida Forman opting for Jeremy Corbyn.

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4 Comments for Harlow Labour make their choices for national leader:

2015-07-22 14:51:43

Can't Your Harlow do a Labour Councillor ring round and find out who they all want as Leader and Deputy? Lots of tweets from Leader Jon Clempner that seem very pro Yvette Cooper! Forman for Corbyn? What a shock!

2015-07-24 10:17:32

This was a supporting nomination from Harlow Labour Party (not the Labour Group on the Council) - based on a vote at an all member meeting, and doesn't actually count in the election of the leader. Every Labour member, and affiliated supporter will get an individual vote in the actual election, and will of course make up their own minds. Personally I will be voting for Yvette Cooper for Leader (with Andy Burnham as my second preference), and Stella Creasy for Deputy.

2015-07-25 23:51:07

As it is hoped that the Tories collapse on, or before, May 2020 the new leader of the Labour Party will be prospective PM ... so selecting the right person is important for everyone aiming to bring the Nasty Party down as soon as possible. Andy Burnham & Yvette Cooper have been sound but not spectacular and promise to maintain Labour's current Torylite path. Liz Kendall is virtually a Tory. The outstanding candidate - with bold anti-austerity ... real Labour policies is Jeremy Corbyn. Under Corbyn Labour would be a real Opposition and offer a real Alternative in the next election. Someone the Greens could do business with.

2015-07-28 19:02:37

As a union rep working within a FTSE 100 company in the town. The vast majority of my members are supporting Corbyn.

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