Shannon’s Blog: Surviving Year 12…and into Year 13

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Shannon PinnockBlogpost by Shannon Pinnock

YH welcomes its first contribution from St Mark’s sixth form student, Shannon Pinnock.
Here, Shannon reflects on the last year at St Mark’s and looks forward to the decisive year 13.

YEAR 12 is an exciting time in your life. It’s the first real independence that your given in life, and let me tell you it feels great! However, it’s important, stressful and requires a lot of hard work on your behalf because well to put it bluntly the teachers won’t spoon feed you like they did at GCSE. Year 12 provides you with the skills and gives you the start in subjects with grades that will carry on to Year 13 – the year for university.

From being at a school that didn’t allow free periods from Year 7-11, the free periods were a holy grail for me. I was able to socialise, and go to town. If only I knew that I’d regret it sooner… The free periods are given to enable you to go over what you have learnt in class, catch up on homework or even if you want to go the extra mile get ahead, trust me you’ll love it you’re your teacher sets you your homework and your already that one step ahead.

Another tip for surviving and thriving in Year 12 would be to remove yourself from the common room without a doubt! Remove yourself and escort your way down to the library ASAP. If your school is anything like mine the common room is a place where everyone socialises and basically stuffs their faces from the stress of revision and exams. Take yourself out of the equation, it’s for your benefit.

During your free periods take your work to the library where it’s quiet and where you’ll have no distractions, or create a study group with some of the people that have the same free periods as you, don’t do this too frequently though try and do it once of twice a week as they won’t be wiring the exam with you, you have to get used to working on your own.

Start making your revision resources as you go along it saves so much time rather than a month before the exams when you finally decide that you want to make some revision cards. A month may have got you a decent grade at GCSE but at AS you’ll be lucky to get an E. You don’t just have to make revision cards there are plenty of other ways; write practice essays for your subjects, highlight dates, names and places in your textbooks, record yourself speaking and listen to it when you have free time.

My final tip for surviving and thriving in year 13 is to be proactive. If you don’t understand something go to your teacher during a free, trust me they will respect you for it. You don’t have the time to sit around confused for a year, the time goes by in a blink of an eye so make sure you use your time wisely. Make a revision timetable for all of your subjects, and make sure it’s fair don’t spend hours on end studying. Make sure you give yourself some breaks in between. Ask your fellow Year 13’s for some advice or help if you need it – they have been in your position, many may have even done the same subjects or could have overcome the same issues that you are now facing. Nobody could give you more real advice than they could because they have been in your position.

Year 12 requires you to be the adult and to stand up on your own two feet to make the choices that are going to determine your future. Don’t be the one person to stand on your way to stop you from getting to the places that you want to go. Just remember not to be too hard on yourself, still go out with your friends and have fun just know when to rein it in. Sixth Form isn’t all fun and games, it’s the future.

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