Living with Luke: Part 63

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IT IS while since we dropped in on the Living with Luke diaries.

Living with Luke is a blog that chronicles the relationship between Harlow resident Steve Hannam and his sone Luke.

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Living with Luke 63

Living with Luke 63

August 25, 2015

Just once, Tiddles…

Just once, I’d like you to say good morning to me, instead of turning away.

Just once, I’d like for you not to hit me, when I move in for a cuddle.

Just once, I’d love you not to shout at me when I ask you to do something.

Just once, look at me like I’m a friend, instead of an enemy?

Just once, I should be crying, but I just can’t let it show…

And just once, I would like to you to have a glimpse of the grief and sadness I feel about you.

But also – just once – I’d really love you to know just how much I do love you.

Just once, ‘I just wanna hold you close, and feel your heart so close to mine…’

Just once, Luke, I’d love you to call me ‘Dad’, instead of ‘Go away’…

And just once, could you know? Just really, really know?

Just once, I wish you’d be with me now, instead of asking when mummy is coming home.

I want you to read these words, just once, and realise that they are my love letters to you. And that they always have been.

Just once, realise that although I may love you ineptly, I will love you…always…

Just once, Tiddles – know that I know…you.

Just once, Luke Hannam.

Just once…

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