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RapunzelTHIS Christmas it’s time to let your hair down and join the fun in our all-new production of ‘Rapunzel’ at the Victoria Hall Theatre, Old Harlow. This reimagining of the original Brother Grimm fairy tale has all the best traditions of our highly praised previous Christmas productions, but with a new tangled twist and written especially for the whole family to enjoy.

Rapunzel, kidnapped as a child by the wicked witch Gothel, is freed from her tower prison, by the handsome Prince who promises to show her the world. Their plans change when Gothel finds out and banishes Rapunzel to the Land of Eternal Winter. The Prince, his page Brian, and Rapunzel’s friend Pandora (the cat), ever pursued by the witch’s Goblins, set off on an adventure to find her once again.

This year’s production will run from the 17th until 27th December, With tickets already on sale & selling via www.ticketsource.co.uk/victoriahalltheatre. Further information can be found on the facebook page www.facebook.com/rapunzel2015.

The Auditions will be held at Passmores Academy on Sunday 6th September from 10am (Recall’s maybe requested on Sunday 13th). Those wishing to audition please come prepare with a Disney song and backing track (if you have any difficulty with this please contact Martin via email [email protected]).

Rehearsals will start Sunday 4th October and continue on Monday & Thursday evenings. If there are any commitment/date issue please make us aware at the audition.

Please see below a short introduction to the roles. Ages are for playing reference only (minimum casting age 12 years):

PANDORA*, (F) Any Age
Rapunzel’s best friend, The Cat, a fun character, very smart, enthusiastic, funny, clever, quick witted, protective but should be fun and very likeable.

RAPUNZEL, (F) Late teens too early 20’s
Rapunzel is a spirited, smart, clever, kind, playful, and a very adventurous young woman, though a bit naive. However, she is not afraid to stand up for herself or others when the situation calls for bravery.

GOTHEL, (F) Any Age, from 18+ (Playing age 100)
An old sorceress aka The Witch. Although Gothel initially has taken the role of a “kindly mother figure” to Rapunzel after her kidnapping, she has shown to be emotionally abusive and wicked.

PRINCE PERCY, (M) Late teens too early 20’s
A young Price looking to be the hero. In search of a maiden to save, a dragon to slain and battle to fight. Good looking but not the sharpest tool in the box.

BRIAN, (M) Any Age
Loyal page to the Prince. He takes most of the blame for his master’s mistakes and also manages to come up with the worst ideas ever. You can’t not like Brian though thanks to his sheer, innocent stupidity and terrible treatment.

WHEEZE*, (M or F) Any Age
A rude goblin who tends Gothel’s garden

SNORT*, (M or F) Any Age
The stupid one, however turn out to be a friendly goblin and a hero.

GURGLE*, (M or F) Any Age
A big brutish goblin

WHINE*, (M or F) Any Age
A cowardly goblin

OTTO, (M) Age 40+
A Tinker and Rapunzel’s true father. A lovely, kind hearted person only looking to do what is best for his family.

MATILDA, (F) Age 40+
The tinker’s wife and Rapunzel’s true Mother. Warm & lovely.

A LONE WOLF* (M) Any Age
Scary and bold. He is wise yet wary of the world after an encounter with the witch.

The GOBLIN KING, (M) Any Age, from 18+
Magical & Majestic Lord of the enchanted forest. Though the monarch of the goblins, he actually is not a goblin himself, and he appears human, and quite handsome by most human standards.

THE DREADWYN, (M) Any Age, from 18+
A Large dragon-like goblin, Fearsome and Brutish.

* Anyone wishing to audition for the part’s of Pandora (the cat), The Goblins or The Wolf will be asked to show characterization with moments whilst reading from the script.

If anyone would like to see segments of the script prior to the audition please dont hesitate to ask.

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