Church Langley residents slam police over “lack of action” on bikers

Communities / Wed 9th Sep 2015 at 09:17am

By Abbie Weaving

Harlow CommonRESIDENTS of Church Langley have voiced their concerns over young motorcyclists gathering on the nearby common after dark.

Since the beginning of September, up to 11 teenagers have been spotted riding and shouting across the fields, with fears that horses grazing there are even being chased.

Resident Jenny Spacagna told Your Harlow: “They have been there almost every night now for the last five days at least, and on Sunday there were four bikes. It is a nuisance. One night I could have sworn they were chasing the horses.”

The groups tend to arrive from 5:30pm onwards and as many as three youngsters have been seen riding on one bike.

Efforts to summon police, however, have been futile, with operators telling callers that no one is available to come out claims Mrs Spacagna.

Mrs Spacagna added: “It is not fair on the public. We pay our fair share of council tax and when something like this happens you expect them to show some interest and do something about it.”

In August, Essex Police revealed they would not attend up to 97% of anti-social behaviour calls in Harlow, due to government cuts.

Instead, they have advised callers to note as many details about the bikers as possible and to continue to report the incidents. For instance, one biker has been spotted twice riding a lime green motorcycle.

In fact, one resident was told that the more they ring, the higher priority the case becomes, but no one knows how many calls this will take.

District Councillor for Church Langley, Simon Carter, said: “These bikes and their riders have been a nuisance for several years.

“We used to have a dedicated Police Community Support Officer who knew the area. Sadly we do not have this benefit anymore and we have to rely on reporting it to the police as soon as possible. It is important for people to note as many details as possible to pass onto the police.”

Mrs Spacagna told Your Harlow: “The police say the youths are not a threat, and that they cannot chase them away in case the bikers injure themselves. What the bikers are doing is illegal though. It is affecting lots of people.”

Indeed, it is the Church Langley residents who have been left to pay the price, with one woman reportedly having nightmares, and many others now reluctant to venture onto the land.

Mrs Spacagna added: “I would like to think they will do something, but the impression I got was that they are too busy and it is the least of their worries.”

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