Trade union activists welcome refugees to Harlow

Politics / Thu 10th Sep 2015 at 12:38pm

HARLOW TUC supports action to assist refugees fleeing war zones and persecution. In particular we support a local community initiative, Jeans4calais, to help refugees with food, clothing, cooking utensils and camping equipment. Their Facebook page is: https://m.facebook.com/jeans4calais

A national convoy will be heading to Calais on October 17 to provide much needed aid and solidarity. Harlow TUC will join that convoy. The refugees are living in makeshift shelters without sanitation, as can be seen in the attached photograph.

The charity Integrated Support Services is actively participating and immediately agreed to be the drop-off point for donations at their office at 2 Wych Elm. The best time is between12 and 2pm on Monday to Friday.

Harlow TUC also supports the refugee statement by Harlow Council supplied by leader Jon Clempner. All local authorities should follow Harlow’s example.

We see Britain having an important role in supporting refugees, especially as it has done much to create the crisis with military intervention in the Middle East and North Africa.

Many politicians, including Robert Halfon, have consistently been banging the drums of war. Maybe Robert Halfon should reflect on his statement to the Daily Mail regarding Libya. On August 27, 2011 he said: “For years, the ‘realist school’ of foreign policy argued that the Middle East was not ready for democracy, that you couldn’t drop democracy from a B-52 bomber. Actually, you can.”

That ‘democracy’ now takes the form of Al Qaeda controlling Tripoli and ISIS roaming Benghazi.

The Al Qaeda rebels were given much bombing assistance by NATO, including destroying food factories, water acquifers, power stations, sewerage treatment works, bridges and transport hubs. All the necessities of normal life were destroyed. Then, when victory came, rebels started lynching black African migrant workers and anyone else who didn’t live up to their warped and twisted version of Islam.

This dreadful legacy in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other civil wars epitomised by the Congo has resulted in millions of refugees fleeing for their life. In Congo alone the civil war has cost four million lives. Would you wait to add to the toll or flee to safety, even risking drowning?

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2015-09-11 09:42:09

Refugees are people who are fleeing from somewhere. The people in Calais have passed through a number of safe countrys which makes them migrants, who are simply shopping for a new country, and looking for the best deal.

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