Hope! Harlow Labour react to election of Jeremy Corbyn

Politics / Sun 13th Sep 2015 at 01:27pm

By Rohan Powell

HARLOW Labour has reacted to the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party.

The Islington North MP won 59% of the vote however only 13 Labour MPs voted for him.

Deputy leader of Harlow Council, cllr Emma Toal, feels the election could give the party re impetus.

Cllr Toal said: “I think the election of Jeremy Corbyn gives real hope to our party.

“I have been amazed at the number of people who have already come back to Harlow Labour or are indeed thinking of coming back.

“We can now go forward with a clear plan that shows that there is a credible alternative to the Tories and their dreadful cuts.”

Chair of Harlow Labour Party, Charles Cochrane welcomed the result and looked forward to capitalising on Corbyn’s Leadership in Harlow.

Mr Cochrane said: “I am entirely comfortable with the outcome of the election and look forward to taking matters forward with Jeremy on a local basis”.

“It will enthuse Harlow party members, they will have a clear understanding of where Jeremy’s coming from and have confidence in articulating that to people”

He added that Harlow Labour has seen a significant increase in membership since Corbyn’s campaign began, a view taken by others in the council.

However the result did polarise opinions even within the party itself Cllr Karen Clempner, who voted for Yvette Cooper was a little less enthusiastic.

“I didn’t vote at all for Jeremy Corbyn or Tom Watson. I would have preferred a female leader” cllr Clempner said.

Despite the Labour membership increase Tory councillors felt that Corbyn’s approach was irrelevant, posing no threat to the leadership of Robert Halfon.

Conservative councillor Muriel Jolles said: “He is going back to a time that is not applicable anymore”.

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2 Comments for Hope! Harlow Labour react to election of Jeremy Corbyn:

2015-09-13 15:28:41

I'm amazed and pleased at the same time regarding Harlow CLP and Councillor Emma Toal's switch to supporting Jeremy Corbyn. Harlow CLP nominated Andy Burnham for Leader, with Andy having won the ballot at Flex Meadow by one vote by virtue of the second preference votes of Yvette Cooper supporters (Liz Kendall didn't get any votes). Councillor Toal made a speech at that nomination meeting supporting Yvette Cooper, so it's nice to see Cllr Toal supporting the new leader so quickly, unlike some Cooper and Kendall supporting Labour MPs who stated they were planning a coup to unseat Jeremy from day one. However, the big-business funded Progress faction took a huge hit with Liz Kendall: she only got 4.5 per cent of the vote. Progress and the Blairite New Labour faction are unlikely to attempt a legal challenge to Jeremy's vote of 59.5 per cent, but they will do everything possible to frustrate his leadership. Harlow TUC supports Jeremy Corbyn and looks forward to a more open and democratic party where annual conference once again becomes the supreme policy making body. We also look forward to mandatory re-selection of MPs so that the carpet-baggers, who invaded the party under Blair and Brown's leadership, can be cleared out. Jeremy Corbyn, to his eternal credit, made his first duty as leader speaking at the Refugees Lives Matter rally in Parliament Square. Jeremy's commitment to council housing, public services, public investment in industry and public ownership of the energy companies and the railways is most welcome. Jeremy Corbyn's election gives trade unionists hope for the future.

2015-09-14 16:05:18

Throughout the General Election campaign I fought for a real opposition to Tory neoliberal austerity politics. It was with a heavy heart that I had to criticise the Labour Party but their Torylite policies were never likely to make an impact on real Toryism and a buoyant UKIP. REAL opposition to nasty oppressive politics is needed and thankfully Labour members have elected a leader who can deliver. Of course the "Establishment" will launch a vicious "red scare" in an attempt to persuade the public that they are better off under Etonian rule - the alternative ... a freer and more equal society is not something that they could stomach. All the very best to Jeremy Corbyn - here's to the end of Blairism, neo-Thatcherism and austerity. Murray Sackwild General Secretary - Harlow+Epping Forest NUT

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