UKIP councillor ensures male victims included in Harlow’s domestic violence campaigns

By Bianca Wild

A UKIP councillor has sought to ensure that male victims are included in domestic abuse campaigns across Harlow.

Bush Fair ward councillor Dan Long said that it’s important that men are included in the posters – which seek to inform people of the realities of domestic abuse and where they can go for help.

Mr Long says: “Men are just as at risk of abuse as women. The abuse can take the form of emotional cruelty and financial exploitation, as well as physical violence.”

When asked why it has taken this long to include men in the posters, Mr Long suggested that the local Labour-run council have failed to highlight men as sufferers and it was his party’s duty to speak up for the victims.

He says: “UKIP are the party of the people and the party of the truth. It’s the truth is what will help victims to gain confidence to seek help.”

He insists that efforts should not stop there: “It’s about time that everyone had access to support regardless of gender, race, or sexuality. There should also be a helpline for the vulnerable as well.

How effective the scheme will be is yet to be known, but Mr Long is confident that, as the campaign gets underway, progress will be made.

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